How to Price Your VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Cards to Make The Sale

July 23, 2022 - 8 min read

VeeFriends Series 2 collectible trading cards are hitting the market in droves and if you're looking to learn about how to use data to price your cards, you have come to the right place! I break it down step-by-step in this article.

How to Price Your VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Cards to Make The Sale

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VeeFriends Series 2 trading cards are so much fun that I cannot stop writing about them! 

There has been a lot of activity on eBay, and apparently, only 10–20% of people have received their cards, so I expect to see a lot more buying and selling, which is why I want to give you a framework of pricing cards to make sales on eBay. 

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If you’re all caught up and you have some cards you want to sell, this guide will help you find comps and help you decide on a price based on your goals. 

You can buy and sell VeeFriends Series 2 compete and collect trading cards, which are now available on eBay.

Step 1 — Determine Your Goals 

Decide if you want to maximize profit when selling a VeeFriends Series 2 trading card, if you want to sell quickly to move on to the next flip or if you just want to put feelers into the market and aren’t sure what you want to do yet. 

For reference, my strategy has not been about maximizing profit. These cards were free, and there are some monster hits (meaning, very low probability of pulling autos and spectacular cards) that are worth the thrill of opening a pack of cards. 

So far, I’ve sold $120 worth of cards and still have a rare and a few cores that are selling well. I’d estimate I’ll sell $200 on eBay ($180 in profit after fees). 

I want to sell through my cards quickly — so I bunded a rare card, a Patient Panda, and Alert Ape for $70 to a buyer who asked. For reference, they offered $65.55, I asked for $75, and we met in the middle at $70.

Could I have waited and sold all of them individually for a net $20 more? Probably, but my goal is to sell these cards quickly and potentially have them pay for another box to rip and a chance at a big hit. 

Right now, there are boxes for sale on eBay as low as $230, which, in my opinion, is almost a break-even at minimum. 

However, Gary V said in Discord that only 10–20% of people have received their cards — so if you want to buy boxes to rip and sell singles, you better move fast. 

The Series 1 zero cool trading cards were for a few weeks but then settled into their pricing and fair value. 

The same is almost guaranteed to happen here. 

That’s why you need to get clear on your goals — are you selling quickly to earn some money, are you trying to get the highest price or are you just putting some feelers out there? 

Step 2 — Check VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Card Listing and Comps 

A comp is a comparison. People look at similar or the same items that have sold previously and use that data point as a comp for the value of a card. 

Because eBay is a network of private sellers, there’s no MSRP value on a card. It’s based on supply, demand, willingness to pay, and willingness to part with a card. 

This is an extremely practical business experience, by the way, so kudos to you for doing the research to learn how to price your cards in a dynamic marketplace. 

To find comps, head over to and search in the name of your item, in this case, we will use the Gritty Ghost Core VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Card: 

Gritty Ghost VeeFriends Series 2 eBay Listing

Source: eBay

Now, a lot of people will go straight to comps (sold data) but you need to look at active listings first. 

Even if there’s a comp of $50 on a Gritty Ghost, looking at active listings would reveal that there’s one available for $24.97 and another available for $9.99. 

If you are looking for a quick sale, you would want to be less expensive than the $9.99 card (think of it as undercutting the NFT floor price). 

If you are looking to maximize value, you’d probably want to be somewhere between the lowest and highest price and could enhance your listing by adding something to the description about how this card depicts one of just fifteen new characters introduced as part of the VeeFriends Series 2 NFT collection. 

Next, we look at sold data by scrolling down the left-hand sidebar and checking “Completed Items” and “Sold Items”: 

Completed Listings Gritty Ghost VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Cards eBay

Source: eBay

We can see that only 1 Gritty Ghost has sold, but only for $2.25: 

Gritty Ghost VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Cards Auction Results

Source: eBay

Now, this was run at auction, and ended at 11:30 am EST, which is not an ideal time since most people are at work. 

While it is a $2.25 comp, I do think it would sell for more given that there are only 2 active listings, the auction ended at a bad time and this is a new character. 

However, when more boxes hit the market next week, we will probably see a lot more Gritty Ghosts show up on eBay. 

Now that you know: 

(1) How many of that card are actively listed on eBay and for what price 

(2) How much that card has sold for RECENTLY (sales even a week ago were much higher because supply was still low) 

(3) The card was only sold once so price discovery is still happening (if something sells for 3+ times at a similar price, you pretty much know its market value unless a lot of new listings are live on eBay undercutting each other 

(4) You clicked into the listing for the Gritty Ghost auction and saw that it ended at 11:30 am, which you now know is NOT an ideal time for an auction if you want to maximize profit: 

eBay Auction End Time

Source: eBay 

Step 3 — Decide Between an Auction or List Buy It Now When Selling VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Cards

With a buy-it-now, you’re likely to either undersell the card or maximize profit. With an auction, you’re likely to find a much more accurate fair market value and a quicker sale. 

So, this answer depends on your goals. 

If you pull an auto and want to sell, I’d list it immediately with Buy It Now. There are no other autos on eBay and that scarcity would likely land you one of the highest prices. You could put a buy it now for say $5,000 with offers and field offers. 

Or, you could put it up for a 3-day auction ending in the evening time when people are done work and promote the heck out of it! 

In my experience, the probability of selling a card for its maximum value through a Buy It Now is a bit lower, but the upside is higher

You may get lucky and someone experiencing some fomo may smash the Buy It Now for $5,000 before the other autos start showing up on eBay. 

Also — I have found that auctions tend to do better when supply has fully hit the market. Buy It Now when an item is scarce gives you much more leverage. 

You can also use VeeFriends Series 1 card comp data to help price your cards — for example a PSA 9 Arbitraging Admiral auto sold for $3,050 via eBay auction

Now, the probability of pulling an auto from Series 2 is much less than VeeFriends Series 1, so it is entirely possible that you could sell an auto from this product for more than what the original Series 1 sold for. 

If you have your goals clearly laid out, it makes it easier to decide what to do. 

For example, say you get a $2,500 offer for your auto. 

If you want quick sales to build a bankroll, this is a no-brainer. Accept it and move on knowing it could go higher or it could go lower

If you don’t need the money and want to see where this will go, you now have a data point and can decline the offer to hold off. 

Setting goals upfront is a sneaky way to make selling on eBay much easier. If someone asked me the “secret” of selling on eBay after I’ve done $100,000+ in sales, I’d say it’s exactly that: set your goals and your decisions will become much easier as they align to those goals! 

Step 4: List Your VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Cards

Now that you’ve set your goals and have done all the research (that’s the fun part), you’re now ready to list your cards. 

There’s nothing special about this, but keep in mind a few things: 

(1) Take good pictures of your cards — don’t use stock photos or someone else’s pictures 

(2) Make sure NOT to list the card as a new item — if you do, you expose yourself to returns if the card isn’t in perfect condition 

(3) Write a description in the body — does the card have good centering? Is it a popular character? 

(4) Provide exceptional customer service — properly ship your cards, communicate with buyers, offer deals, and make sure to get positive reviews! 

Reputation on eBay matters (and can help you make sales) so preserve it at all costs. 

Happy selling! 

Jon Torrey

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