How to Check the eBay Best Offer Accepted Price and Final Value of VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Cards

July 23, 2022 - 7 min read

Completed and sold data can be tricky (and flat-out incorrect) if you don't know how to verify sales. This bad data could cause you to overpay for a VeeFriends Series 2 trading card or misprice it when going for a sale. I break down how to check the eBay best offer accepted price and how to verify the sales of VeeFriends Series 2 trading cards using a simple method.

How to Check the eBay Best Offer Accepted Price and Final Value of VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Cards

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The secondary trading card market (eBay) is now being flooded with VeeFriends Series 2 collectible trading cards with plenty of sales now that some of the boxes have been delivered. 

However, in the VeeFriends Discord group, Gary V estimated that only 10–20% of people have received their cards and he expects the cards to “roll out hard this week and next and following”. 

While I’ve written a buy/sell/hold analysis of the VeeFriends Series 2, I think now is a good time to sell before the market becomes flooded with supply. 

One of my boxes arrived today and I decided to rip it open because even core cards from the product are selling

My box would have been worth $250 unopened, and so far I’ve sold $120 worth of cards with 1 rare left and a few cores that seem to be selling for between $10 and $20. 

It was worth it to experience the rush of opening a pack of cards that I got for free. I have four more boxes on the way and plan to open those as well unless I get them two weeks from now and the market softens due to increased supply. 

A very common question that I’m seeing as people begin to trade cards is how to check the final sale value of a best offer on eBay and how to verify the final sale value of a card to use as a comp. 

I’m going to show you how to do that in 3 easy steps so you can verify sales data to help with your pricing strategy and make sure you don’t overpay for a VeeFriends Series 2 trading card. 

You can shop for VeeFriends Series 2 compete and collect trading cards on eBay here. If you do buy a card from eBay using this link, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you, which helps support the blog and gives you more content like this. 

How to Check The Price From a Best Offer Accepted eBay Sale for VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Cards in 3 Easy Steps 

To check the eBay best offer accepted price for VeeFriends Series 2 trading cards, head to, type in the title of the listing you are looking at, and click submit is your best bet to see how much a best offer accepted eBay listing sold for so that you can get more accurate data to help your buying and selling strategies. 

Let’s look at an example: 

Very Very Very Very Lucky Black Cat VeeFriends Series 2 Best Offer Accepted

Source: eBay  

I went to and typed in “very very very very lucky black cat series 2” in the search and pressed search

Then, on the left-hand sidebar, I scrolled down and selected Completed Items and Sold Items to see the sales data: 

Sold Item Search eBay VeeFriends Series 2

Source: eBay

This data is your friend, as it can help you find comps (similar or the same card sales data) to help you figure out a fair price for your card or the one you are looking to buy. 

Unfortunately, this Very Very Very Very Lucky Black Cat core card had a price of $400, but it was the best offer accepted and eBay does not show you what the card sold for. 

It was a recent sale (July 21st) so it would be a great data point to have. 

To check the final sale price, I go to and type in Very Very Very Very Lucky Black Cat VeeFriends series 2 trading cards, which is the title of the listing. 

This search will return and show what the card actually sold for: 

Very Very Very Very Lucky Black Cat 130point Sales Price


The final price of the Very Very Very Very Lucky Black Cat core card according to is $333. This still feels high for a core card (although this character is the mascot of VeeFriends) so I'd tread lightly as we should see more of these cards hit eBay in the coming weeks.

How to Confirm the Final Sale Value of VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Cards 

eBay is notorious for a practice called “shill bidding”, which means that a person who has no intent to purchase an item on the platform submits bids or even completes a purchase at a higher price to make it look like the item sold for more money. 

Why would someone do this? 

Well, they might own the same VeeFriends Series 2 card and want to fake a sale to inflate the comps so they can sell their card for more money. 

It happens frequently in the sports card world and is just something you need to be savvy about. 

If a sale doesn’t look like it makes sense, it probably wasn’t real. 

Fake accounts are often created and I’ve seen shill campaigns as elaborate as a real purchase (the seller then sent the payment back to the buyer minus the eBay fee) to create a real comp and sell a number of copies of that same card for a higher valuation. 

Take a look at the cards sales history here: 

Kobe Bryant Star Date Shill Bidding

Source: Cardladder

This card went from $43,410 to under $7,000 in a little over a year. 

In order to verify sales data (Cardladder hasn’t yet verified VeeFriends Series 2 card sales and I don’t think they plan to) you can also check 

It still may not be 100% accurate, but it’s a good place to check. 

You can also click into the sold listing to see if it has been relisted for sale (meaning the buyer didn’t pay): 

Very Very Very Very Lucky Black Cat Relisted Sale

Source: eBay

At the top, you can see that eBay has a warning This listing has ended. The seller has relisted this item or one likes this. 

99% of the time this means it wasn’t a true sale (not surprising given it was listed at $1,500) and that the buyer backed out or didn’t pay. 

It’s easy to get caught up in comps by using the sold/completed listings eBay feature, but if you are going to buy or sell a VeeFriends Series 2 trading card, you should double check that the card hasn’t been re-listed and you should use to verify the sales data. 

Again, if a sales comp doesn’t feel right to you, trust your instinct. 

Closing Thoughts

This process may seem like extra work, but it is 100% worth it. 

I’ve witnessed even the savviest collectors (myself included) get caught up in the moment and fail to check comps only to overpay for cards based on bad data. 

I am in no way saying these cards are being shilled or pumped in any way shape or form, but what I am saying is that there are always bad actors who stand to benefit from inflated comps of the cards they own. 

While you may think it’s a good idea to have a friend bid on your card to drive an auction up, it’s not good for the rest of us looking for a fair market deal. 

And while you may be excited about the $1,500 comp on your card, before you send that to someone to explain your rationale for pricing your card a certain way, make sure to verify with 

Happy collecting! 

James KIllick

written by

James KIllick

Jimmy Grow | Product Wizard