What is Start With NFTs all about?

We want Start With NFTs to be your go-to resource for both educational and general interest articles around the NFT industry, and toa. certain extent Web3 in general.

There are three major profiles of readers that we'd like to appeal to:

  1. New to NFTs - Individuals dipping their toes into the market for the first time and looking for some guidance;

  2. NFT Investors - People that have prior experience in the industry but are looking for guidance on how to make the most out of any investments, including finding Alpha on emerging NFT and Web3 projects;

  3. New NFT & Web3 Founder - Those that want to jump in feet first and actually create an NFT collection or launch a Web3 platform.

Throughout it all, we want to provide a certain level of quality to the content that we are providing so that you can learn from our articles and use them to broaden your Crypto knowledge.

It should be noted though that nothing within this website should be deemed financial advice. These are just the views of the Start With NFTs team or those guest bloggers that we bring on.

Who Is Behind Start With NFTs

At the start of 2023 the brand was purchased by the Wow Ventures group, headed by James Killick, who also goes by Jimmy Grow within the World of Crypto.

James is a passionate product specialist, who has worked with emerging tech companies for over 10 years and has specialised in Web3 product strategy for since 2021. He adheres to a framework and go-to-market strategy called Product Led Growth (PLG).

Taking a product-led approach to growth focuses on making the customer journey revolve around your software, and allows its features, performance, and even potential for sharing among users to do much of the heavy lifting in attracting new customers. By placing emphasis on creating an enjoyable experience with their offerings or services companies can drive up desirable levels of organic growth without needing extensive sales teams.

He is now using his knowledge and experience of PLG and applying it to the Web3 industry. within this, he is creating a framework where founders can leverage a combination of the community and the product to drive the growth of the product.

Beyond James, Start With NFTs is now part of a growing tech group, including:

  • Devwiz - Full stack Web2 & Web3 agency

  • Chainwiz - A Web3 SaaS company providing community tools

  • Wow Ventures - A website development agency and holder of various blog sites

How Did Everything Start?

Start With NFTs was initially conceived by Jon, who has a passion for adding as much value as he can to help anyone in the industry succeed in building a collection, hustling to make money, or launching your own NFT project as part of your business, brand, etc.

His own journey into NFTs started after I wrote an article at the request of Gary V and he shared it on his Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat:

Gary V Tweet

The article was a warning to those entering the space — it’s not that NFTs are doomed, but that demand won’t be able to support the rush of new supply and we’ll see people lose money in the process. Here's a reference straight from Gary V for Jon.

Now it's our goal at the Wow Ventures Group to continue Jon's vision and give people the tools they need to avoid significant losses and instead benefit from everything that cryptocurrencies have to offer.

Looking To Get Published?

We are inviting any NFT or Web3 project founders along with any aspiring writers to get in touch if you'd like to publish an article on our website.

Our full media kit and pricing can be found here.