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I’m Jon and I’m here to help you start with NFTs. 

You’re here because you “get it” or at least want to “get it” but you also want to develop your own framework for how to think about various projects before you start spending money. 

My own journey into NFTs started after I wrote an article at the request of Gary V and he shared it on his Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat: 

Gary V Tweet

Source: Gary Vaynerchuk's Twitter Account

The article is a warning to those entering the space — it’s not that NFTs are doomed, but that demand won’t be able to support the rush of new supply and we’ll see people lose money in the process. 

This article sparked a ridiculously powerful passion inside of me (I started writing it on a Saturday afternoon and didn’t stop until late that Sunday evening) and it started my journey into NFTs. 

I’m learning right alongside you, and all the while I’m doubling down on my superpower to bring high-quality, written educational content to this community. 

This is not financial advice. This is not a hype fest. This is just my own high-quality research that can help teach you how to think about NFTs and make smarter decisions for your collection and brand. I will disclose what I own and preface everything with a “think for yourself” recommendation. 

If you came to my site looking for a simple “buy this, this and that” you will be disappointed. 

If you came to this site to do research and learn the why behind trends, booms and busts, you’re in the right place. 

Street Cred: 

ONE37pm Freelance Writer — Sports Cards — I got into sports cards 2 1/2 years ago and became a freelance writer for ONE37pm after cold-submitting my articles. The Washington Post, a former MLB executive, and others have contacted me to learn more about the market after reading my work. 

Guest Author — Sportscardinvestor.com — Just 6 months into my re-discovery of sports cards, I started writing data-driven articles like this one and this one that helped readers think for themselves before buying cards. 

Geoff even had me as a guest on his show. You can find the full interview here where I speak about some of my articles and how I approached the sports card market. 

Sports Card Investor Interview

Source: Sports Card Investor Youtube Channel

Top Medium Writer — My work has been published in top Medium Publications including The Start Up (729,000 followers), Better Marketing (103,000 followers), Mind Cafe, The Ascent, and much more. 

One of my articles even caught a little virility: 

Image of viral article Tweet.

Source: Twitter

Drizly’s CMO shared my article on LinkedIn and it started to get passed around in the marketing community: 

Medium Stats

Source: Medium.com

After two years of writing on other platforms, I’ve decided to go at it on my own. 

My goal is to give more than I take and bring you as much value as I can to help you succeed in building a collection, hustling to make money, or launching your own NFT project as part of your business, brand, etc. 

For good measure, I’ll add one more reference: straight from Gary V

Tea with Gary V Interview

Source: YouTue

I’ll be bringing the same conviction and energy to this blog!