What is Swamp Water - a Web3 beer brand helping to redefine the alcohol industry

April 10, 2023 - 12 min read

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What is Swamp Water - a Web3 beer brand helping to redefine the alcohol industry

For those not deep into Web3, alcohol brands might not be the early adopters you expected to see leveraging blockchain technology. Swamp Water, however, is one of a few trend setters in the space looking to disrupt the food & beverage industry.

Web3 is now becoming known for shaking up traditional industries like banking, ticketing and loyalty. New concepts coming to market pushing decentralisation and looking after the individual consumer (vs the much more enterprise centric mentality of Web2) are redefining how the big players approach the market, forcing them to adapt or be left behind.

So is the Alcohol industry the next to come under fire from innovators in Web3? In this article we’ll see how the newly launched beer brand Swamp Water achieved an early foothold in the market and what plans they have to innovate.

Why are alcohol brands stepping into the Web3 & NFT Space?

Alcohol brands are no strangers to innovation, but the recent move into the Web3 and NFT space may seem unexpected to some. However, it's not difficult to see why brands in the alcohol industry are taking note of the potential of blockchain technology.

NFTs are providing an opportunity for brands to add value to their products by offering unique experiences or perks to holders of their tokens. For example, Munich-based MetaBrewSociety is offering beer share certificates that provide governance rights over a physical brewery in Munich, which will also have a presence in the Metaverse. Similarly, LVMH-owned cognac brand Hennessy has launched a web3 brand H3NSY, which offers pricey limited edition bottles as NFTs, as well as a luxury web3 social club.

By stepping into the Web3 and NFT space, alcohol brands can create a more loyal and engaged customer base. Consumers who invest in these NFTs can become part of a community with shared interests, giving brands a direct line to their target audience. Furthermore, brands can gain insights into consumer behaviour and preferences, enabling them to tailor their products and marketing campaigns more effectively.

Brands can utilise Web3 technology to enhance the customer experience. Imagine being able to use a Web3-enabled beer bottle to instantly order more beer when your glass is empty. The potential for innovation in the alcohol industry is vast, and we're only just scratching the surface.

So why are alcohol brands stepping into the Web3 and NFT space? The answer is simple: it's a chance to innovate, engage customers, and enhance the overall experience of drinking beer or spirits.

What is Swamp Water and who is behind this new brand?

Swamp Water is the latest alcohol brand to come out of the Web3 space. The project has lofty aspirations of how they might bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 through sharing the joy of a tasty cold can of beer.

To give some context, this new business is a product of The Frog Tank launchpad, one of the services offered to holders of the Plague NFT. That has meant that the co-founder of Swamp Water, CK, and the Swamp Water team have had strong ties to the NFT project since the idea’s inception.

So much so that the Plague’s frog is part of their logo and the OG flagship product, Swamp Water Extra Hoppy IPA, utilises the frog as the main part of the sub-brand:

Swamp Water Beer

Swamp Water currently has 6 beer variations (and growing), each championing a key Web3 brand in the industry. The beer already ships internationally, having officially launched on March 14, 2023.

Here are the original three beer variations:

Swamp Water

Type: IPA

Edition: Standard Edition

Alcohol: 6.9% ALC. by VOL

Size: 6-Pack of 12 Fluid OZ. (355 ML) Cans

This IPA is a hop-forward brew with a bold and bitter taste that packs a punch. It features a complex blend of aromatic hops, giving it a floral and citrusy flavor profile with hints of pine and resin. The malt backbone provides a subtle sweetness and a smooth, balanced finish. This beer is perfect for hop fans and pairs well with spicy foods or rich, flavorful dishes.

Sappy Sour

Type: Sour Beer

Edition: Collab Edition

Alcohol: 7.9% ALC. by VOL

Size: 6-Pack of 12 Fluid OZ. (355 ML) Cans

This sour beer is a tart and refreshing brew with a bright, acidic kick that tingles the taste buds. It boasts a complex, fruity flavor profile with notes of citrus and tropical fruits, balanced by a subtle sweetness and a dry finish. The acidity of this beer makes it a perfect pairing for spicy or savory dishes, or as a crisp and refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

This is a unique beer created in collaboration with the Sappy Seals and features the NFT of their project founder, Wab.

Swamp Water – ThreadGuy Special Edition

Type: IPA

Edition: Special Edition

Alcohol: 6.9% ALC. by VOL

Size: 6-Pack of 12 Fluid OZ. (355 ML) Cans

This is the exact same type of beer as the Swamp Water: “Extra Hoppy” IPA but features Special Edition can artwork featuring the Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT owned by ThreadGuy.

The brewery

Swamp Water takes great pride in partnering with an award-winning brewery that shares their vision for breaking into the Web3 space. With over 25 years of experience in the brewing industry, the brewery possesses the expertise and dedication required to craft exceptional beers that resonate with both Web3 enthusiasts and traditional beer lovers alike.

The brewery's competitive pricing for online sales ensures that Swamp Water's products are accessible to a wide audience, allowing more consumers to enjoy the unique blend of quality brews and Web3 branding that Swamp Water offers.

The strong collaboration and constant communication between Swamp Water and the brewery have been vital to the success of this venture.

Co-founder: CK

CK, the co-founder of Swamp Water, boasts an impressive professional background with 10 years of experience in the public and private insurance industry. His expertise lies in reinsurance accounting and operations, process improvement, and a deep understanding of common insurance accounting systems and lines of business. As an integral team member, CK has assisted key clients in data analytics, finance and product strategy, project management office (PMO), financial accounting, technical accounting, system implementation, internal audit, and MAR/SOX implementation spaces.

Throughout his consulting career, CK has established the financial functions of multiple insurtech startups from the ground up. In addition, co-led the cost and performance management solution for their previous company, encompassing FP&A and treasury services. CK's most recent project experience includes leading a team of 25 for a major divestiture at a BBB and overseeing the acquisition integration of a ten operating entity startup. He has also served as the Head of Finance at a Silicon Valley tech startup.

A product of an effective incubator, the Frog Tank

Swamp Water was incubated by The Plague NFT and their launchpad, the Frog Tank, which allows their NFT holders to pitch business ideas to a select team of experts. When successful, as Swamp Water was, founders get access to an incredible and skilled team, marketing resources and/or certain levels of seed funding.

Other such projects to graduate from the Frog Tank include Acorne. They teamed up with Plague-born marketing firm, Leapmedia, to launch their cross-chain NFTs. This "Earn to Earn" (E2E) NFT offers holders the ability to earn money for their marketing influence. The escrow protocol's application layer is powered by Polygon, which boasts a utility-heavy blockchain system capable of running at scale with low gas fees and quick transactions, thanks to its state-sync data bridges.

Both Swamp Water and Acorne are great examples of the why behind the Frog Tank. It’s one of The Plague’s core drivers to decentralise opportunity. In this way they find great people from within their community that have good ideas. They then nurture both the founders and their ideas, spreading both brands across Crypto Twitter and beyond.

If you have an idea for a project that can leverage both Web2 and Web3, I’d definitely consider picking up an NFT from The Plague and pitching to the Frog Tank!

Flipping the script on onboarding into the Web3 space

Swamp Water is revolutionising the onboarding process in the Web3 space by adopting an unconventional approach. Contrary to the common strategy of ushering Web2 brands into the Web3 world, Swamp Water is bringing Web3 brands to the forefront of the Web2 domain. This ingenious tactic creates a unique and intriguing gateway for Web2 users to discover and engage with Web3 concepts and brands.

Imagine a scenario where Uncle is out shopping for beverages and stumbles upon a Swamp Water beer on the shelf. The eye-catching design and connection to Web3 brands pique his curiosity, prompting him to think, "This looks cool! What's this all about?" Intrigued, Uncle explores further and finds himself delving into the world of Web3, discovering its potential, and becoming a part of the growing community.

By bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 through its innovative beer lineup, Swamp Water not only captures the attention of traditional consumers but also serves as a catalyst for driving interest in and adoption of the expanding Web3 ecosystem.

Leveraging Web3 community growth

In the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, a new approach to brand promotion and growth is emerging: Community-Led Growth. By focusing on fostering strong connections within Web3 communities, brands like Swamp Water can harness the power of decentralised networks and user collaboration to drive success and expansion.

Swamp Water has effectively utilised the strength of Web3 communities as the foundation for their successful launch. The brand recognises that the driving force behind Web3's growth is the people who passionately support and engage with the technology and its various projects. By tapping into this energy, Swamp Water has managed to create a loyal following and generate excitement around their products.

One of the key strategies Swamp Water employed was to involve their community from the get-go. By actively engaging with community members, seeking their input, and involving them in the decision-making process, Swamp Water fostered a sense of ownership and pride among its supporters. This sense of belonging and investment in the brand's success has translated into an organic marketing force, with community members enthusiastically sharing and promoting Swamp Water across various platforms.

Additionally, Swamp Water's collaborations with prominent Web3 projects, such as Sappy Seals, have allowed the brand to leverage the pre-existing communities around these projects. By aligning themselves with well-established Web3 brands, Swamp Water has been able to tap into new markets, gain credibility, and strengthen its position in the space.

What about Blockchain technology?

Swamp Water is fully embracing the potential of blockchain technology by developing a loyalty program based on smart contracts and fractional vaults. The minted tokens, which are the fractionals, will govern the smart contract, allowing for a decentralised and transparent rewards system. To minimise the burden of gas fees associated with airdropping these tokens on the mainnet, the fractionalised ERC-20 tokens will be bridged to the Polygon network.

Early supporters and members of Swamp Water will receive ENS subdomains, which will enable them to receive these tokens. The tokens can then be used to bid on tickets for events, participate in giveaways, and access exclusive discounts, fostering a strong sense of community and engagement among Swamp Water enthusiasts.

As for the future, Swamp Water is openly exploring a myriad of blockchain-related possibilities. From creating their own NFTs to venturing into the supply chain space, the options are endless and the brand is committed to remaining at the forefront of Web3 innovation.

Get your brand out there!

Swamp Water offers individuals a unique opportunity to leverage their personal brand by monetising their intellectual property. For example, the ThreadGuy Special Edition beer features an NFT owned by ThreadGuy on its can, showcasing the power of combining personal branding with the Web3 space. This innovative approach allows individuals to enhance their visibility, create new connections, and explore the possibilities of integrating their own NFTs into real-world products, ultimately increasing the value and recognition of their digital assets.

For Web3 projects like Sappy Seals, Swamp Water presents an inventive way to create new revenue streams and broaden their reach. By collaborating with Swamp Water and having their NFTs showcased on beer cans, projects can tap into a wider audience, bringing their digital art and branding to a whole new market. This creative fusion of Web3 projects with tangible products can serve as a potential solution to the ongoing royalty war between marketplaces and projects, fostering a more collaborative and innovative environment for all parties involved. Through these partnerships, Swamp Water not only expands the potential audience for Web3 projects but also paves the way for further innovation and adoption of the Web3 ecosystem.

If you want to get your brand out there and find an additional stream of revenue at the same time, I highly recommend that you visit their Discord and see what mutually beneficial relationship you can create.

Cheers to Swamp Water!

As we raise our beers and say "cheers" to Swamp Water, we are not only celebrating a Web3 beer brand that's making waves in the alcohol industry, but also recognising the power of innovation, community, and adaptability. Swamp Water has demonstrated that by embracing the opportunities offered by blockchain technology, fostering community-led growth, and maintaining a forward-thinking approach, they are poised to redefine the way we experience and enjoy our favourite beverages. 

Cheers to you CK and the whole team at Swamp Water!

James KIllick

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James KIllick

Jimmy Grow | Product Wizard