What Are AI NFTs: The NFT of the future!

January 28, 2023 - 11 min read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) NFTs, also known as AI-enabled Non-Fungible Tokens, are the new tech of the future. AI Can be used to generate the NFT or even create intelligent NFTs!

What Are AI NFTs: The NFT of the future!

Welcome to the future of NFTs! This is a future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) merge together to create something new.

Artificial Intelligence-created art has created a buzz amongst collectors, and its worth is now being realized. Last year, Botto's collection of NFTs sold for over $1.1 million! The AI Art House project showcases generative artwork that will have you believe it was crafted by some of the greatest artists in history - Monet, Mondrian or van Gogh could easily be behind these works. With commissions like this selling so quickly and at such a high price point, Artificial Intelligence-generated artwork is undoubtedly the 'next big thing'.

What's more through artificial intelligence models such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), new content can be autonomously produced after being trained with an appropriate data set. This makes this technology a prime pairing for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

First, what is an NFT?

NFTs are digital tokens that exist on the blockchain, which is a distributed ledger technology. They are unique and indivisible - meaning they cannot be divided up or exchanged with other types of tokens. This makes them perfect for representing physical assets such as artwork, music, and in-game items.

Next, what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence machines display the capacity for human-like intellectual capabilities, such as complex problem-solving and independent learning. It allows computers to learn from data, recognize patterns, and make decisions based on those patterns. AI models are able to complete difficult tasks, acquire information by perceiving their environment and apply logical reasoning in order to make decisions without instruction from humans.

AI is being used in a variety of ways and has been integrated into many different sectors, such as healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing and even art.

How is AI being used with NFTs?

Now, what happens when you combine these two great technologies? You get AI NFTs! AI NFTs are a new type of digital asset that uses both blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

Art has been revolutionized by the integration of machine learning and AI. Specifically, General Adversarial Networks (GANs) allow machines to become capable of creating entirely original images when trained using vast amounts of data. Just like a painter mastering their craft over years, Artificial Intelligence can also learn from long-term instruction in order to generate completely unprecedented works of art.

How this actually works in real life is simple; in order to create a new piece of art, a human artist can simply enter keywords or sentences into an artificially intelligent model that will then use algorithms to analyze millions of works of art and produce its own images as a visual interpretation or representation of the original text.

AI NFTs can be used to create highly customizable digital assets with features like intelligent contracts, marketplace integration and advanced analytics. For example, they can be used to provide more accurate pricing on digital artwork or to generate recommendations based on user preferences.

AI Digital Art

Using AI to create digital art

Using artificial intelligence to create NFT art is becoming increasingly popular. Generative art is a form of digital artwork that uses AI algorithms to create unique and unpredictable visuals.

AI generative art can be bought, sold, or traded using an AI NFT, which allows buyers and sellers to buy, sell, and trade these works of art securely on the blockchain. This means that artists have a safe way to showcase their work while still retaining control over who owns it and how it is used by others.

How does AI art work?

AI generative art uses algorithms and data to create one-of-a-kind visuals, near enough instantly. This is achieved by introducing a range of variables such as colour, shape, and complexity into the algorithm.

One of the most popular AI engines has been created by OpenAI. OpenAI uses machine learning to generate high-resolution images, textures and 3D objects. These assets can then be used in a variety of applications such as digital artworks, games, movies or virtual reality experiences.

OpenAI allows platforms to leverage their software via APIs. This allows platforms to quickly and easily integrate OpenAI’s technology into their own products.

In most cases, these platforms work by having the user enter keywords or sentences into an AI model This in turn prompts the engine to generate original pieces of art as the machine algorithmically interprets millions of existing works. Effortlessly, a new visual representation is produced from the original text used to create it.

Examples of NFT Art made by AI

AI-powered artwork is garnering the attention of art lovers and NFT collectors worldwide. Advances in technology have allowed for intricate, attractive pieces to be created while introducing imaginative new genres that a human artist has yet to tap into. Art is subjective, so everyone will take something different from it; however, here are some inspiring NFT generative art projects which may pique your interest:



Prepare to be astonished when you encounter Metascapes. You might have difficulty differentiating between what is real and imagined! This creative project is the combination of human expression with AI algorithms, masterminded by Cath Simard, Ryan Newburn and Iurie Belegurschi. Just imagine how incredible this will look on your wall!

Metascapes, an AI-based NFTs platform, is comprised of 2555 rare collectables - including 266 videos - taken from some of the most spectacular places on Earth. The outcome? An amalgamation between natural and supernatural scenes that cause viewers to question their sight. Even the creators at Metascapes agree: there's a definite "uncanny valley" vibe when witnessing these remarkable works firsthand!

Entropy Cards

Entropy Cards

For 10 months, the digital artist NA1 quested for a means to stretch generative-adversarial networks (GANs) and other AI tools he had to their maximum potential. His end goal: a set of NFT trading cards with art, flavour text, and all components crafted through AI technology--now known as Entropy Cards!

This project was extraordinary because minimal human participation was necessary, making it essentially a collaborative effort between AI tools to fabricate an entire collectable card game.

To begin the process of creating Entropy Cards, NA1 and their team trained AI models on existing collectable card games to analyze both the art and flavour text associated with each card. Then they used ChatGPT's GPT-3 to generate text prompts for feeding into a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) alongside any additional text that may appear on cards. While it appeared as if AI tools were doing all the work here, it was truly thanks to careful curation from the Entropy Card team that these cards ended up making sense in context!

Artificial Intelligence Art

Introducing Artificial Intelligence Art, the world's first AI-driven NFT series by AI Art House - with only 10,001 special pieces created and 1001 available now on OpenSea. Each artwork is entirely unique and one-of-a-kind; designed using neural networks to generate art across multiple genres. Prices start from 0.1 ETH (approx $300 USD) for each piece of work included in this collection – ensuring you never have to own another duplicate! Most recently, they've produced 'liquid art', consisting of GIFs made up from a range of their already stunning AI-generated creations that flow into one another seamlessly too!

AI-Assisted NFT Creator Apps

NightCafe - An Easy-to-Use AI Art Generator

NightCafe is a remarkable AI Art Generator, making art creation effortless and straightforward. This tool has been packed with other helpful features and algorithms to generate incredible artwork! If you want an amazing way of producing stunning visuals, then NightCafe should be at the top of your list-- no question about it.

WOMBO Dream - AI-Generated NFTs

WOMBO's Dream AI NFT Creator App caused a sensation when it launched in 2021, and has since become one of the most coveted and well-respected NFT apps on the market. But its power goes far beyond regular image manipulation - its sophisticated algorithm draws from thousands of images to craft completely original works that are inspired by words or phrases. It's no wonder why Dream is becoming so popular for those looking to make art with their own ideas! It's one of the most effective tools to create AI NFTs.

DALL E 2 - The Best Free AI Tool

DALL E 2 is a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence system that effortlessly produces remarkable, captivating images and art with the touch of a button. Simply enter your desired result into the machine to get an immediate output of up to four one-of-a-kind pictures. With DALL·E 2, you can rest assured knowing that whatever image you need is just waiting for you on the other side!

Moreover, DALL·E 2 boasts a revolutionary image-to-image generator that enables you to alter images in any way you visualize. You can easily remove objects from an existing photo and substitute them with something else entirely, or create entire backgrounds for new versions of the same picture - all within moments!

Interactive and Intelligent NFTs

What is an intelligent NFT?

AI NFTs are non-fungible tokens powered by a Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 language model, allowing them to be so much more than just digital art. Not only do they possess intelligence but also animation, interactivity and other generative capabilities that are still being developed today.

AI NFTs unleash the power of generative evolution, allowing them to think and learn on their own. For instance, they can autonomously generate new content and seamlessly combine dynamic experiences into its smart contracts due to their self-learning abilities. The more an AI NFT interacts with a given environment or user base, it is able to accumulate data in order to gain knowledge and develop itself further - making these tokens not just intelligent but also upgradeable, adaptable and scalable. Imagine having one that grows alongside you as you converse; evolving over time by creating increasingly complex tokens along the way!

How Can An AI NFT be used?

Adding AI qualities to NFTs can create personalized experiences that other technologies have not been able to achieve. This experiment has attracted some well-known names, and its potential is extraordinary!

AI NFTs can be used to create interactive experiences, games and even simulations. They could bring a dynamic element to existing digital artwork, such as changing the colours or styles as well as introducing new elements or movements over time. A few applications are already underway, with projects looking at using AI NFTs for storytelling purposes in virtual worlds too!

The potential applications of AI-powered NFTs are virtually endless. Brands may want to experiment with these tokens in order to take advantage of the tremendous benefits that artificial intelligence can offer, such as:

  • Unlocking inventive approaches for creating and distributing content

  • Expanding your reach to new untapped audiences.

  • Enable real-time reactions and adjustments to external factors

Examples of Intelligent NFT Projects

Fuzzle - an AI-powered NFT

Fuzzle, a living NFT created through the collaboration of blockchain gaming company Gala Games and Endless AI, is powered by Ethereum technology. These 'conversational' NFTs specialize in topics such as politics, religion, dating and even crypto - leading us to what can be achieved with blockchain technology combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and gaming. While still far from perfect, Fuzzle serves as an ambitious first step towards this cutting-edge innovation!

Alethea AI - first of its kind

Alethea AI, a Mark Cuban-funded venture was an early pioneer in this arena that permits users to integrate Artificial Intelligence animation, communication, and voice synthesis capabilities into NFTs. These intelligent pieces of artwork created by Alethea are referred to as iNFTs and the company's exceptional AI protocol gives creators from all around the world a platform for creating interactive and smart NFTs. Additionally, it allows them to create communities and IP surrounded by their most adored characters while enabling access to effective Synthetic Media tools without any hindrance or censorship.

Concerns About Using AI With NFTs

As with any new technology, there are ethical and security concerns when it comes to using AI in NFTs. For instance, NFTs could be used by malicious actors to manipulate or exploit users who don’t know enough about them. Additionally, they could be used to spread misinformation or create deep fakes that can seriously damage a person’s reputation. Finally, artists in particular are concerned about their works being used without authorisation to train the generation models.

Despite these concerns, AI NFTs have the potential to revolutionize the entertainment and digital art industry, adding a whole new layer of Interactiveness and personalization to the NFT market. As a result, it’s likely that these tokens will become increasingly popular in the near future. Only time will tell how they are adopted and used, but it’s clear that AI NFTs have a lot of potential!

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