The Top 25 NFT Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2022

December 30, 2021 - 11 min read

In the Crypto and NFT world, information travels quickly. Almost all the useful NFT information is shared on Twitter and Discord. We just posted the Top 10 Discords To Join In 2022, so continue your education in the Twitter landscape with this article, the Top 25 NFT Twitter Accounts to follow in 2022.

The Top 25 NFT Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2022

Updated 6/9/2022


One of the most common pieces of advice for newcomers into the NFT space is to follow smart people on Twitter, join Discord groups and start engaging. We’ve already covered the top 10 Discord Groups to join in 2022, so now it’s time to cover the top 25 Twitter accounts to follow and learn more about the web3 and NFT space.

This list was built from our personal experience and features accounts that were suggested on Twitter so that you have a comprehensive list of NFT Twitter accounts to follow and start learning. 

Don’t see an account listed that you think should be added? Tweet us @jon_torrey or @ezrawithacamera.eth as we’d love to hear your feedback.

Remember, this is not financial advice. We’ve curated the below list of accounts for you, but we encourage you to make your own decisions. 

Take the time to do your own research and develop your own conviction. Don’t outsource that to other people. Many on this list are engaging, will answer questions, and are great ambassadors of the web3 space. Building relationships are just as important as education.

PS — To the amazing people who are creating content and aren’t on this list, we still love you! 

PPS — It’s not about where any of these accounts rank in this list (they all have their reasons to be #1) but rather that they are on a list of people we recommend you consider following to expand your knowledge of web3. 

With that, let’s dive into our top 25 NFT accounts to follow on Twitter!

(1) Adam McBride

Note: This entry contains an affiliate link to a book by Adam McBride. Adam has done an incredible job researching historical NFTs, reviving projects, and sharing knowledge with the community. He wrote a book about his experience, and if you purchase, we get a small commission that goes back to reinvesting in this site to bring you value. We would never recommend a product we do not believe in and you can read more on our Affiliate Disclaimer page.

Adam McBride is an NFT archeologist who searches through old blockchain transactions looking for hidden projects forgotten about long ago. He’s helped rediscover projects like Curio Cards, CryptoArte & The CryptoCards to name a few. He even documented his experiences in a book, which you can buy here. He also has a podcast and a Discord group. 

It’s tough to pick just one account to put in the number one spot, but the fact Adam engages with his Discord members regularly and hosts a podcast that provides additional content to help educate people on NFTs. 

2. BanklessHQ

Bankless is an educational platform with introductions to a variety of sectors in the crypto space. They have a Substack with news & explainers of things going on in crypto for the week. They also host a curated crypto job board with postings hand-picked by Bankless for anyone to apply to.

3. Chrisdixon.eth

Chris Dixon is a great person to follow if you’re looking to get an expert’s opinion on the long-term direction crypto is heading. Being involved in the internet since the early 1990s, he’s seen user experiences evolve throughout the years. He gives his knowledge out in Twitter Threads and blogs he writes on his website.

4. Cooopahtroopa

CoopahTroopa is an incredible curator & poster of web3 content. Recently focusing on music NFTs & DAOs, if you scroll through the account, you’re sure to find resources you can use to keep up to date with a space you’re interested in.

5. Linda Xie

Linda is a former Coinbase Product Manager and is currently a co-founder at a Crypto Investment firm, Scalar Capital. She’s written beginner’s guides for NFTs, DAOs, Social Tokens and DeFi. She tweets quality content and is one of our favorite accounts because her career is built around web3. She’s able to offer deeper insight because of that fact and is highly worth a follow.

6. danielgothits

Daniel got his start on social media posting soccer videos on Instagram, growing his account to over 350,000 followers. In early 2021 he discovered NFTs and has been posting content about NFTs ever since, identifying a few historic projects like Curio Cards & Rare Pepes. He also posts videos about trends he’s seeing in the NFT space which are super helpful to listen to if you’re focusing on a short-term market dip. One of our favorite things about Daniel is that he’s very clear about what he owns, and that you should never trust an influencer, even himself. He’s very transparent and spends the time interacting with his followers. 

7. GaryVee

GaryVee is the CEO of VaynerMedia, a media company that serves companies on the Fortune 100 list. GaryVee has a tendency to hop on tech trends pretty early, launching the first Wine eCommerce site in 1996, one of the first YouTube shows in 2006 with WineLibraryTV, and one of the first Intellectual Property NFT projects in early 2021 with VeeFriends. One of our favorite things about Gary is that he identifies, supports and helps get exposure for artists he believes in. 

NOTE: Gary often gives away NFTs to other Twitter users that haven’t yet purchased an NFT. One of his core values is kindness, and he speaks that truth through his actions. If you follow any account on this list (and don’t own an NFT) go follow Gary for a chance to get started on your collection! 

8. Farokh.eth

Farokh has been working furiously to bring value to his followers. He often hosts Twitter spaces with other leaders in this space and has built a community. Farokh created Rug Radio, a decentralized Web3 media company and is pushing the bounds of the NFT space. 

9. Kevin Rose

It seems that Kevin Rose has been ahead of the tech trend all of his professional career.

Starting his first podcast in 2003, in 2004, buying Bitcoin in 2012, and CryptoPunks in Feb 2021. Kevin Tweets his insights about the crypto space and has two excellent crypto podcasts called Modern Finance & PROOF.

10. Cozomo de’ Medici

Cozomo is a prolific NFT collector and crypto whale. They offer insights into why they collect certain artists and themes in the 1/1 art space. They’ve collaborated with Snoop Dogg many times and have one of the largest NFT art collections in the world. The saying ‘follow the smart money’ applies by following their Twitter.

11. Punk6529

Punk6529 is a bright mind in the web3 and NFT space. If you want Tweets that make you think, follow Punk6529. If you still don’t quite get web3, follow Punk6529 that will help lightbulbs go off in your mind. Punk6529 is also a thoughtful NFT collector who has a vision for the future of the space. 

12. NFTsgirl.eth

NFTsgirl.eth is the Chief Marketing Office at Crypto Chicks, and founder/CEO at a tech start-up. Her experience running a business shines through in her tweets as she helps people understand the operations of an NFT project. As many of you buy into projects, being able to evaluate a team, their structure and ability to run the project in the long-term is critical. It’s always valuable when someone is actually responsible for an NFT project. NFTsgirl.eth has that experience and it is valuable to learn from. 

13. Andrew Wang

Andrew Wang is an NFT writer whose work has been featured on The Verge, ONE37pm, Time Magazine, Insider, The Washington Post and more. Wang recently held a Twitter spaces with Bored Ape Yacht Club’s lead artist, Seneca and even shared early Bored Ape Yacht Club sketches. 

If you are wondering what the first Bored Ape Yacht Club art looked like before it was launched, check out that tweet, here

14. SeedPhrase

SeedPhrase is an OG CryptoPunks holder and creator of the Party Degenerates NFT project. He’s very knowledgeable about Web3 and NFTs and believes in the and not or model. For example, it’s not Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunks. It’s Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks. Fun Fact: SeedPhrase is a DJ (according to his Twitter account) and holders of his Party Degenerates project get backstage access to all of his shows. He also tweeted that many of his friends found financial freedom through Discord and Twitter, so let’s just say he’s bought into a curated list of accounts to follow to help you achieve the same :)  

15. Mayor of Matic

Mayor of Matic came recommended by a fellow Twitter user and tweets consist of NFT projects, Matic analysis and analysis of other blockchains (yes, there’s more out there than just Bitcoin and Ethereum). Matic is also a frequent Tweeter, meaning you’ll always get fresh content to help keep your pulse on the market. 

16. Herb Castillo

Herb Castillo also came recommended from a fellow Twitter user and right in his profile it says “DMs open”. It’s important not to ask others to do the work for you, but if you are thoughtful about engaging with any content creator on this list, you may form a new relationship. Herb co-hosts the Ohhshiny show, which touts positive vibes, NFT Culture and community. 

17. Matt Medved

Matt Medved is the CEO and co-founder of nft now, which provides NFT news and analysis. Matt a writer, musician, investor and advisor who is on a mission to empower creators. Matt did a written profile on Fewocious and has spent time promoting artists. We love accounts that want to bring the community together and contribute to the future of our space and Matt fits that bill to a tee. 

18. GMoney.eth

GMoney spent a record 140 ETH and tweeted about it. Oh, that happened on January 6th. Before the NFT boom. Talk about conviction and being ahead of the trends. That thread alone secures a spot on this list (frankly, we should have ranked the account higher, but ultimately it’s more about who’s on the list than where that person is ranked), but if you are looking to gain an intuition about the market and the why behind the behaviors you are seeing, look no further than GMoney. 

19. DCLBlogger

DCLBlogger is a consistent YouTuber who provides content about NFTs and has been doing so for 3 years. When the NFT hype started, a lot of new people started creating content and their lack of knowledge shows. DCLBlogger has been around for a while before the space got big he’s been featured with Gary Vaynerchuk, on Reuters, CBC Radio, Coindesk and has an NFT project that unlocks premium content, MetaKey. He was tweeting about NFTs getting hot and disrupting industries back in September 2020. He puts together robust threads of advice and is worth your follow. 

20. CryptoAddict86

Ivy is another account that has been tweeting about NFTs since at least 2018. We’re on a roll with OG accounts because you can’t fake experience. You will be flooded with content from people who see dollar signs, but you want to listen to at least a few who have been around this space for a few years. Ivy is very active on Twitter and is a self-describe “nerd who is addicted to Twitter”. What better person to follow about web3 than CryptoAddict86? 

21. Li Jin

Li Jin has a substack on consumer culture, tech and the future, and is also a co-founder at a few cypto investment funds. Li was featured in the New York Times and called a “guru” for online creators. Her recent Tweets provoke a deeper analysis of NFT projects and their communities. Akin to Gary V’s warning that in the 90s, when the Chicago Bulls were playing well there was a great community of fans, but after the era ended, the community wasn’t as strong, Jin will have you thinking more thoughtfully about the way you analyze and interpret an NFT project and its community. 

22. iamDCinvestor

DCInvestor Tweets a lot of dense, high-level ideas in the crypto space. This is a good account to gauge where your understanding of crypto is. If you understand what they’re saying, you’re graduating past a beginner in the crypto space and more into the intermediate/expert category.

23. Leonidas.ETH 

Leonidas.ETH is another NFT archeologist and helped put together the definitive timeline of historical NFT projects for ONE37pm. If you are interested in historical NFTs and the idea of NFT archeology, this is a great account to follow. Even if you don’t buy historical NFTs, the knowledge of the history of the space will serve you well going forward. 

24. Maria Shen

Maria’s pinned tweet is from May when she wrote about the NFT renaissance and her predictions for the future. Maria shares relevant content, but she had a lot of forethought in the early stages of the NFT movement. Maria is also an investor at Electric Capital, which is a venture fund focused on crypto, blockchain, fintech and marketplaces. 

25. SpencerNoon

SpencerNoon has their sights set on crypto market trends, DeFi, Layer 2s & NFTs. They post great threads with ideas on where this world changing technology is going to affect next. Not financial advice of course :)

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