The Top 10 NFT Discord Groups to Join in 2022

December 22, 2021 - 10 min read

This article lists out the top 10 free NFT Discord Groups to join in 2022, why you should join them, and what you can expect to learn by joining the groups. NFTs can be overwhelming, but the groups on this list are a good place to start your NFT education.

The Top 10 NFT Discord Groups to Join in 2022

If you’ve heard about NFTs and are eager to start learning more, one of the best ways to do this is to join a Discord group. I’ve listed 10 free NFT Discord groups, what you can learn from them, and links to the groups that you should consider joining in 2022. 

There are lots of NFT Discord groups and projects, so at times it can feel overwhelming. The 10 that made this list aren’t the only quality Discord groups out there, but I explain why they made the list and what you can get out of them from joining. 

You do not need to own an NFT from the project to join these groups, but you do need to take serious precautions to avoid scams. 

My recommendation is to turn off DMs in Discord. If you don’t, you will get spammed with links that mimic popular projects or claim to be giving away free NFTs. User profiles will be mimicked and try to trade NFTs with you or capture your seed phrase. If something sounds too good to be true, it is. Do not click on Discord links unless you verify them first. And again, it’s best to just turn off DMs. 

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(1) CryptoPunks Discord 

CryptoPunks Discord

Source: Discord

Many 2021 NFT success stories started with a person going into the CryptoPunks Discord to learn from early adopters of NFTs who understand digital scarcity. 

CryptoPunks was the first major NFT project to go off in 2021 even though the assets were originally given away for free in 2017.  

Only CryptoPunk holders can chat in the group, so there’s a downside in that you can’t participate and ask questions, but reading the chats is educational. 

They often talk about various projects, their thoughts on them and it’s a window into how experienced NFT traders think. 

It doesn’t mean they know everything or are always right, but it will help you get exposure to the way they evaluate new projects, projects that catch their eye, and how they evaluate the Punks market. 

Discord Link:

(2) Bored Ape Yacht Club

BAYC Discord

Source: Discord

Bored Ape Yacht Club assets were minted for $200 in April and have shot up to a minimum value of about $200,000. In fact, some believe they will “flip” CryptoPunks in 2022 and have a higher floor price. Many see CryptoPunks as art, and see Bored Ape Yacht Club as a brand. Both Discord groups are worth joining to see the contrast between members and learn from them. 

Going into the Bored Ape Yacht Club Discord group, which had 15,000 members active in the group at the time of this writing, is also worth it for their announcements. Why did Bored Ape Yacht Club pop off in 2021? There are a lot of reasons, which I broke down here, but the announcements section (scroll back through its history) showed what the creators did to bring additional value to the NFT project and how it evolved into a brand. 

Because it is a successful project, the General chat section is pretty lively and you can jump in and join the conversation. I’ve also seen people ask technical questions in the group and there are members who offer to help. 

Discord Link — 

(3) Curio Cards

Curio Card Discord

Source: Discord

Curio Cards was the first NFT on Ethereum that paid digital artists for their work directly, which is what the entire modern NFT ecosystem is about today. The historical significance of the project and the community is what led a full set of the cards (1–30) to be sold at the globally recognized art auction house, Christie’s. 

The Curio Cards Discord has been quiet lately, but I think that’s a strength for a newcomer. Many of the popular Discords move really fast, are hard to keep up with and it’s hard to connect with people. 

There are people experienced in NFTs, the technology, and the community in the Curio Cards Discord group who are willing to help answer questions and interact. It’s a good place to build relationships while it’s quiet. 

Discord Link —

(4) VeeFriends

VeeFriends Discord

Source: Discord

The VeeFriends Discord is the opposite of quiet as it has over 160,000 members, but it is very well moderated and even has a scam-alert channel to help newcomers avoid losing their NFTs. 

Joining the group also gives you a chance to be part of a community with positive and kind vibes. It also affords you the opportunity to really watch a strong creator engage with his community. 

VeeFriends, which you can learn more about by clicking here, was created by Gary Vaynerchuk, whose art was also auctioned by Christie's, and it’s been stated over and over that this will be a 40-year project, not a 4-month project. 

There is a lot of hype around NFTs and with so many new projects launching. Some believe that 98% of those projects will go to zero, so watching how a creator who has intentions to make this project last decades operate is useful as you explore NFT projects. 

Gary V has a 20-year track record of building businesses, and frequently interacts with his community, and drops alpha and perspective that’s a must for any NFT newcomer. 

Discord Link — 

(5) NFT Archeologist 

NFT Archeologist Discord

Source: Discord

Note: This entry contains an affiliate link to a book by the Discord creator, Adam McBride. Adam has done an incredible job researching historical NFTs, reviving projects, and sharing knowledge with the community. He wrote a book about his experience, and if you purchase, I get a small commission that goes back to reinvesting in this site to bring you value. I would never recommend a product I do not believe in and you can read more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page

The NFT Archeologist is a Discord group led by NFT historian Adam McBride and features a lot of OG members who have been in the NFT space for a while. Even though the Discord group focuses on historical NFT projects, it is a great way to learn about NFT history. 

The group is fairly active, but still slow enough for you to engage, ask questions and build relationships. This is not a group you need to be shy around, they are willing to help. 

Adam also wrote a book about historical NFTs, NFT APE: My Journey Into NFTs, Crypto, and the Future, which you can buy here and he has a podcast that offers a wealth of information about NFTs. 

Discord Link —

(6) CrypToadz 

CrypToadz Discord

Source: Discord

CrypToadz was a stealth launch project by NFT-recognized artist Gremplin and boasts one of the vibiest Discord Groups to join in 2022. The group’s 2021 motto was 1 Floor Toad = 1 Floor Toad. 

The point of that motto is not to focus on the floor price, but to focus on the project, the creator, the community, and the future. If you are new to NFTs, a Discord group that constantly chatters about floor price is a sign it may be in trouble. 

Cryptoadz is a collection of 7,000 toads that weaves in a lot of references to other well-known NFT projects like Nouns, CryptoPunks, Fidenzas, Bored Apes, and more. 

These references and the artist’s background in NFTs drew in a crowd of NFT vets, which puts you in a perfect position to interact and connect with people.

Discord Link —

(7) Azuki

Azuki Zen Discord

Source: Discord

Azuki is a relatively new project that is currently at an 8.69 ETH floor with over 67,000 in ETH volume traded. However, what's fascinating about this project is that it seemed to attract a new audience. When the project first started gaining steam, the Discord members weren't talking about the floor price (which is unusual).

They were talking about the art, they were making derivatives for fun, they were talking about anime, they were talking about how this was their first NFT.

There was a genuine interest in the project and in NFTs, which is unique for this space. I highly recommend you join this group to see what that looks like because it was certainly a factor in the current project's value today.

Discord Link —

(8) Flower Girls 

Flower Girls NFT

Source: Discord

The Flower Girls NFT project hasn’t popped off as much as some other projects on this list, but that’s why this is a perfect Discord to join. It’s a strong group of people less worried about the floor price and more interested in creating a community. The artwork is done by a legitimate artist and it would be beneficial to study the behavior of a group in an emerging Discord. 

A project creator is more important than the community, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive. This is another Discord where you can ask questions, build relationships and participate without feeling overwhelmed. The project is also affordable, which placed it’s rank higher on the list as an entry point for newcomers. 

Discord Link — 

(9) Creature World 

Creature World Discord

Source: Discord

Danny Cole is a rapidly rising artist who’s already had commercial success, has collaborated with VeeFriends on a joint project, and has a very specific, big vision for Creature World. 

Cole has an “it” factor and is only getting started. NFTs will evolve over time and this is a great group to observe an artist ahead of his time and the community around him. 

Discord Link —

(10) Brain Vomit’s Garden

Brain Vomit's Garden Discord

Source: Discord

Brain Vomit’s Garden is an NFT project created by artist Steven Rea, who started channeling his creative side into hand-drawn doodles after a skateboarding injury. 

Rea grinded for 18 months, building a following and using that momentum to create a project that’s centered around mental health. It’s a reflection of Rea growing his skill-set, taking on a new challenge, and a reminder to those who are in challenging spots. 

You’ll learn a lot from this community, specifically about how an artist builds demand for a project. It’s very organic and a clear example of how people make meaning from a project and relate to it. 

Rea is still a young artist who already has built a fan base and has demonstrated commitment to his art. 

Discord Link —

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