SuiPad: The Revolutionary Launchpad for Innovative Sui Blockchain Startups

May 2, 2023 - 8 min read

Explore SuiPad, a blockchain launchpad with SuiTank, SuiPad Shield, and Academy. Learn to participate in IDOs and join the whitelist for early access

SuiPad: The Revolutionary Launchpad for Innovative Sui Blockchain Startups

Are you tired of launchpads that leave you with more questions than answers? Say hello to SuiPad, a community-centric, premier launchpad for innovative blockchain startups on the Sui network. With its flagship product, the SuiPad launchpad, investors can participate in early-stage token sales for rigorously vetted Tier-1 projects. In this article, we'll take a closer look at SuiPad, its unique features, and how it's transforming the blockchain startup landscape.

What is SuiPad (SUIP)?

SuiPad is a cutting-edge launchpad designed to support innovative blockchain startups on the Sui network. Through its official partnership with MystenLabs, SuiPad offers access to the best new projects in the Sui blockchain. Its core product is the SuiPad launchpad, an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform that enables community members to participate in early-stage token sales for thoroughly vetted projects.

SuiPad's Killer Features

While traditional launchpads often struggle with a lack of transparency and investor knowledge, SuiPad aims to address these issues with two groundbreaking features:

1. Sui Tank

Sui Tank is an educational and entertaining Web3 Shark Tank series, where six venture capitalist (VC) panelists scrutinise project owners from the ground up. This enables participants to see the real deal behind every project, eliminating the camouflage that most projects use today. With Sui Tank, investors gain valuable insights into how to properly analyse a project from different angles and metrics.

2. SuiPad Shield Insurance

SuiPad Shield Insurance is an innovative feature designed to protect investors' principal capital. It caters to varying risk appetites and offers a unique solution for IDO participants who often suffer from token dumping right after the Token Generation Event (TGE), especially in a bear market.

SuiPad's Roadmap

The SuiPad team has an ambitious roadmap planned for 2023:

  • Q1 2023: SuiPad on Testnet, multiple wallet integration, Testnet IDO for multiple projects on Sui, and continuous marketing push and community building.

  • Q2 2023: SuiPad on Mainnet, $SUIP IDO, Staking pool and SuiPad Shield, and the first batch of IDO (4 projects).

  • Q3 2023: Production of SuiTank first season (8 episodes), SuiTank first season on air, the second batch of IDO (8 projects), and the first cohort of SuiPad Incubation Program.

  • Q4 2023: The first cohort of SuiPad Academy, the second cohort of SuiPad Incubation, and the third batch of IDO (8 projects).

How Does SuiPad (SUIP) Work?

To understand how SuiPad works, let's dive into some of its core features:

SuiPad Shield

The SuiPad Shield Insurance feature is designed to protect investors' principal capital. When a user buys into the IDO round of a launchpad project, they can choose to add 15% of their invested funds to purchase insurance. The insurance fee is then sent to the SuiPad Shield Pool, which covers any potential loss of the user's principal capital for the next seven days.

If the project does well, the user's return will be infinite% minus the 15% paid in insurance costs. If the average peak price is lower than the IDO price on the seventh day since the IDO launch, the SuiPad Shield Pool will cover the difference, ensuring that the user's principal capital is well protected. This unique insurance mechanism offers peace of mind to investors, making it less risky to participate in IDOs.

SuiPad Staking & Tiering

SuiPad's Tier System is at the core of the SuiPad platform, ensuring a certain level of commitment and allowing stakers to participate in project IDOs. SuiPad Staking & Tiering go hand-in-hand, and to qualify for a specific tier, users must stake $SUIP tokens on SuiPad.

There are six tiers available:

  1. Ruby: 2,500 SUIP staked

  2. Sapphire: 5,000 SUIP staked

  3. Emerald: 10,000 SUIP staked

  4. Diamond: 30,000 SUIP staked

  5. Crown: 50,000 SUIP staked

  6. Sui: 100,000 SUIP staked

The more SUIP you stake, the higher tier you earn, and the bigger allocation size you get for project IDOs. A 15-day cooldown period applies after staking.

SuiPad Lock Multiplier

The SuiPad Lock Multiplier system allows SUIP stakers to enjoy a higher tier without having to stake additional tokens. By locking their staked SUIP for a predefined term, users receive a multiplier on their staked SUIP.

There are three locking terms to choose from, each with a set multiplier:

  1. 3 months → 1.3x Multiplier

  2. 6 months → 1.5x Multiplier

  3. 12 months → 2x Multiplier

For example, if a user named Kelly staked 2,500 SUIP (Ruby tier) and decided to lock the staked SUIP for 12 months, she would receive a 2x multiplier on her staked SUIP (2,500 SUIP x 2 = 5,000 SUIP), upgrading her to the Sapphire tier. After 12 months, Kelly's staked SUIP would be unlocked, her tier would be refreshed back to Ruby, and she could unstake the original 2,500 SUIP.

This Lock Multiplier mechanism allows committed community members to earn a higher tier without staking additional tokens while contributing to the overall governance of SUIP.

SuiPad Shark Tank (SuiTank)

SuiTank is a reality show series in which Web3 builders pitch their businesses to a panel of venture capitalists to secure investment. The show features a panel of experienced VCs, known as "Sharks," who listen to builders' pitches for their business or product. These VCs judge the business concepts and products pitched and then decide whether to invest, live on the show.

The participants are Web3 builders, product designers, or service operators who have what they consider to be a viable and potentially promising project but lack funding and/or business acumen.

SuiTank serves as an educational program for the community to learn from experienced VCs how to analyse a project and as a platform for builders to showcase their products and eventually raise funds.

SuiPad Academy

SuiPad Academy is a 16-week online Web3 coding bootcamp that trains people to become Web3 developers. The full-time program covers front-end and back-end technologies, computer science fundamentals, and Web3 development, including SuiMove as the core. Remote classes are live and interactive, with one-on-one help, professional mentorship, opportunities to build real-world projects, and job support. SuiPad Academy aims to empower the next generation of Web3 developers and create a skilled workforce for the Sui blockchain ecosystem.

SuiPad Incubation Program

The SuiPad Incubation Program is designed to foster the growth of innovative blockchain projects on the Sui network. The program provides support in various forms, including technical guidance, marketing assistance, business development, and fundraising. By nurturing these startups and giving them access to the necessary resources, SuiPad aims to help them succeed in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

How to Participate in SuiPad's IDO and Get on the Whitelist (WL)

In addition to the previously mentioned steps, it's essential to secure a spot on the SuiPad whitelist (WL) to participate in an IDO. Here's a detailed breakdown of how to get on the WL:

If You Have an OG/WL Role

  1. If you have an OG role in the Discord server, you are eligible to participate in both private and public IDOs.

  2. If you have a WL role in the Discord server, you are eligible to participate in public IDOs only.

  3. Submit your wallet:

If You Do Not Have Either OG/WL Role

If you don't have either OG/WL roles, you won't be eligible to participate in IDOs. However, you can still win a role by following these instructions:

  1. Complete tasks 1 and 2 (mandatory) and choose one task from tasks 3, 4, and 5 (optional):

    • Write a tweet about SuiPad IDO, tag @SuiPadxyz, #SuiPad, and pin the tweet (mandatory).

    • Quote tweet SuiPad Fundraise tweet and SuiPad IDO tweet, followed by tagging 3 friends (mandatory).

    • Forward SuiPad Fundraise Tweet and SuiPad IDO tweet to 5 communities (Telegram or Discord); if you own a community, pin it at your community channel (optional).

    • Publish SuiPad IDO news on any Crypto or Finance-related PR, in any language (optional).

    • Post a video about SuiPad IDO on YouTube (minimum length of 2 minutes) (optional).

  2. After completing the tasks, fill out this form by the deadline on 2nd May:

For a more detailed IDO guide, check out SuiPad's Medium post.


SuiPad is an innovative and community-centric launchpad for blockchain startups on the Sui network. With features such as Sui Tank, SuiPad Shield Insurance, staking and tiering, and a Lock Multiplier system, SuiPad is changing the way investors and entrepreneurs approach the IDO landscape.

If you're an investor looking for early-stage investment opportunities in rigorously vetted Tier-1 projects, SuiPad is the place to be. And if you're an ambitious blockchain startup seeking funding and guidance, the SuiPad Incubation Program and SuiTank could be your key to success.

For more information on SuiPad and its offerings, visit SuiPad's official website or SuiPad on DAO Maker and always do your own research before investing!

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