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March 15, 2022 - 8 min read

Use this spreadsheet to track which cards have been pulled publically and contact individuals who pulled a card you want to buy.'s VeeFriend x zerocool Circulating Supply Tracker

View Circulating Supply Spreadsheet here: Presents VeeFriend x zerocool Circulating Supply

VeeFriends x zerocool just dropped on a scarce set of cards selling 800 boxes for $2,150 each. Each box has 10 individual cards and is the first collectable card released for VeeFriends (other than VeeFriends themed UNO playing cards released a few months earlier).

If you want to shop for VeeFriends Zerocool trading cards as they are hitting the secondary market (plenty are live right now!), you can take a look at the live eBay listings here.

Disclaimer: The eBay link above is an affiliate link, which provide a small commission to us at no cost to you. These links track your purchase and credit it to this website. Affiliate links are a primary way that we make money from this blog and we have a lot of VeeFriends trading cards we want to buy. You can read our full affiliate disclosure here.

It’s also the first set released by zerocool, a subsidiary of Fanatics focused on non-athlete collectable cards.

There’s a ton of speculation around how much these boxes will eventually sell for on secondary market, and I personally am interested in tracking the supply of characters coming from opened boxes.

But am I really crazy enough to watch up to 1,000 unboxing videos to track every single character that comes from the boxes?

Yes I am.

A few months ago I did a similar tracking project with the Curio Card Zombie Wallet Tracker where I painstakingly hand checked nearly 1,000 crypto wallets and documented their activity. I had a lot of fun tracking it and made a lot of friends with the community, so I’m doing the same thing here.

And to make this data as accurate as possible, I need your help.

If you see any evidence of opened VeeFriends cards on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, please tag me @ezrawithacamera on any of those platforms. If you see a YouTube video of a Box Break, please send via Twitter DMs.

The main use of this spreadsheet will be contacting people who pulled a card you want to buy.

It’s likely people will try to use this sheet to determine if they should open their box or keep it sealed. I bought a box and I’d like to have access to the circulating supply for the same reason. 

However, it’s impossible for us to track all of the most valuable cards through this sheet. The math is against us, as I assume many people will not open their boxes on social media. We’ll have to use this sheet, plus eBay listings & PSA grading to inform our decision to open it or keep it sealed.

This is not investment advice. It’s a spreadsheet with 30,000 individual data points input by a human. Use your own judgment when viewing this data. With that said, I’m taking every precaution I can think of to make the most accurate spreadsheet I possibly can.

Disclaimers out of the way, let’s run through a scenario.

Let’s assume all of the most valuable 1/1 hand drawn cards are pulled. It’s possible the sealed boxes become less sought after, because the rarest cards are all in circulation.

But the unique rarity structure of VeeFriends means rare cards are more common than you may think.

The full rarity breakdown is shown below.

VeeFriend x zerocool Set Details

In the VeeFriend world, there’s 3 undisputed Top characters seen as the most sought after and a handful of characters that are generally seen as Top 10. Everyone’s Top 10 is different, and this is my opinion of the Top 10.

  1. Very, Very, Very, Very Lucky Black Cat

  2. Patient Panda

  3. Empathy Elephant

  4. Patient Pig

  5. Adaptable Alien

  6. Alert Ape

  7. Gratitude Gorilla

  8. Gary Bee

  9. Motivated Monster

  10. Adventurous Astronaut

Since everyone’s opinion of the Top 10 is different, it’s more likely there will be about 20 characters the market goes after when picking the top 10.

Additionally, if there’s a large brand collaboration with a specific character, demand can pop up from thin air, turning a character that may be in someone’s Top 50 into their Top 10.

It’s safe to assume a Top 10 character’s common base card will command a higher price than other character’s rare cards. Not to mention each of these Top 10 characters has 10 rarities and 6 different 1/1s.

10 characters X 43 cards = 430 cards.

The odds of having these 430 of 10,000 cards all pulled and tracked are quite low.

Additionally, each of these Top 10 characters have 6 One of Ones, which will be much more valuable than the regular base cards.

10 characters X 6 One-of-One cards = 60 cards.

The odds of having these 60 of 10,000 cards all pulled and tracked are even lower.

What I’m trying to say is the odds of the data within this sheet tracking every single valuable card out there is very slim.

I think it’s safe to assume less than half of the boxes will have any evidence of the contents on social media. Many people will open their boxes silently, listing their items on eBay, send them to PSA or simply hold onto them without telling anyone online. The chances of this sheet tracking every single card is 0%.

And unless we somehow track 900+ boxes of 1,000, I don’t see this data having much impact on how the market reacts.

I do see this sheet being used to contact owners of cards you'd like to buy. All the video sources of box breakings are linked in the Sheet labeled Breaks for easy contacting of owners.

For example, one of my favorite VeeFriends characters is ‘Who Was Born In 1997’, because I was born in 1997 :). I didn’t get my hands on the actual NFT, but using this sheet I may be able to get the next best thing. At the time of writing, I’ve tracked 108 cards. Surprisingly, 3 different box breaks pulled a 1/1 Spectacular ‘Who Was Born In 1997’. Honestly, I’m pissed they’ve already been pulled because I really want to pull one of them from my own box LOL. Putting my feelings aside, this sheet makes it easy to contact any of those owners and attempt to buy.

I'm excited that you're here for this exciting time in the VeeFriends world, and thank you so much for reading!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these cards but didn't win a box from the dutch auction you can now shop for them on the secondary market via eBay! If you are just browsing you can 'watch' the auctions going on for individual cards live on eBay here.

Disclaimer: The eBay link above is an affiliate link, which provide a small commission to us at no cost to you. These links track your purchase and credit it to this website. Affiliate links are a primary way that we make money from this blog and we have a lot of VeeFriends trading cards we want to buy. You can read our full affiliate disclosure here.

How to Store and Ship Your VeeFriends zerocool Cards:

Keeping trading cards in pristine condition does require some (very) affordable items and is well worth it if you value the cards in these sets. We have outlined what you'll need in the appropriate sizes. If you have any questions about properly storing your cards, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

We have personally used these products and each listed is the right size for the thickness of the VeeFriends zerocool trading cards:

Penny Sleeves - carefully insert your cards into a penny sleeve. Don't push them in. Let them "fall" into the sleeve. I would suggest getting the penny sleeves for thicker cards, cutting a corner off the top so the card falls in easily. If you push the card into a sleeve it could damage the surface or the corners of the cards.

35 PT Toploaders - toploaders offer an extra layer of protection for your cards. Place a card in a penny sleeve first, then the toploader. Do not push a card into a toploader, again you could risk damaging it.

Painters Tape - lots of people "seal" a toploader with scotch tape but this is problematic. It's hard to peel scotch tape off and if the card gets pushed to the top of the loader, the scotch tape could adhere to the card and damage it. Use painters tape for easy on, easy off.

One-Touch Resealable Bags - after you penny sleeve, topload and add painters tape across the top of the toploader (to give it a seal) consider putting cards in a resealable bag. They will add yet another layer of protection from any dust, water, etc. by keeping the protected card sealed from the elements.

Protective Carrying Case with Adjustable Foam Insert - if you are looking for a place to put your cards other than a shoebox, I recommended this Pelican 1120 Case with Adjustable Foam. You can cut out sections of the foam to store your cards in a water-tight case with the option to add locks. It makes it easier for carrying around a lot of cards safely.

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