NFT-Powered Sci-Fi Content Series GenZeroes to Mint 9,000 NFT Card Packs

July 13, 2022 - 4 min read

GenZeroes is an NFT project that is bridging creators and consumers of content and stories closer together by using the blockchain. Today the project announced an airdrop and 9,000 NFT card packs mint that will occur over the next few months.

NFT-Powered Sci-Fi Content Series GenZeroes to Mint 9,000 NFT Card Packs

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GenZeroes is a live-action sci-fi series that is using the power of NFTs to better integrate creators and consumers through audience participation and exclusive access to episodes, comics, and other perks. 

The series features a cast of professional actors and actresses from shows like Supernatural, Snowpiercer, Battlestar Galactica, and others.

Season 1 of the show was released in webisodes and comics, and their team stated on their website that the show is not beholden to one specific type of media. You can watch the video episodes here

GenZeroes is exploring how the underlying technology of NFTs can bridge the gap between creators and their audiences, from funding projects to including audiences in decision-making and other behind-the-scenes access. 

What I particularly appreciate about the team is this blurb from their website FAQ page, because it aligns exactly with my sentiment about the future of NFTs: 

“Yes, NFTs are often pitched as “collectibles” that derive value purely from rarity; but they can also empower their community of owners through partial ownership of projects, creative input, and direct communication and collaboration with the artists.” —

Even better is that GenZeroes has announced today that they’re doing an NFT airdrop and mint in line with the next phase of the project roadmap.

The tokens will be distributed to certain existing NFT holders and partner communities. 

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More Details on the GenZeroes AirDrop and Mint

Before we dive into the details of this announcement, let’s take a look at a tweet I pulled from GenZeroes because I think it’s important to look at the team behind any NFT project: 

GenZeroes Team Breakdown

Source: Twitter

They are public builders leveraging NFTs in a practical way that will resonate with consumers of sci-fi comics and action series. They’ve delivered on their content model and this announcement will benefit supporters of the project. 

The mint will distribute 9,000 card packs that feature three levels of rarity: 

  • Holo

  • Gold 

  • Silver 

The packs will contain faction profile pictures (check out the factions on their website here), character cards, and mystery cards. 

The mystery cards will offer holders redeemable utility with access to URL and IRL experiences in the GenZeroes universe. 

Holders of the NFTs will get early access to view the full GenZeroes series before the public. They will also get behind-the-scenes access, and voting powers to help craft the stories during the development of new seasons. 

GenZeroes Free Mint

Source: Twitter

Distribution of the GenZeroes NFTs

All existing GenX and HoK Genesis holders will be airdropped these NFTs at no cost (except for gas fees). After the first drop, there will be a number of mints that take place over the next few months with GenZeroes’ partner communities until the new collection mints out. 

The minting process will carry some exciting suspense as recipients of the NFTs will be able to see what rarity level they have in the packs, but the contents of the packs will not be revealed right away. 

“The GenZeroes NFT Mint, from a utility perspective, is the first-of-its-kind not only for House of Kibaa and its parent company, Looking Glass Labs, but also for the industry. We are excited to reward our existing GenX and HoK Genesis NFT holders with these new NFT card packs as a token of our appreciation for their loyalty and support, which is also an innovative gesture within the NFT community,” said Dorian Banks, CEO of Looking Glass Labs.

“As the GenZeroes NFT Mint and subsequent mints are completed, it’ll be fun and interesting to see how the community interacts with their cards and packs, based on their rarities and other factors over time,” added Mr. Banks.

There will be a reveal period before a holder can open his/her pack and that person could choose to keep the pack sealed and trade it unopened based on the initial rarity! 

Closing Thoughts

I’m a fan of projects that push the technical capabilities of NFTs into practical applications like this one. 

There are a lot of models in our world ripe for disruption and the funding, production, and consumption of content is one of them. 

GenZeroes already has 8 “Chapters” of the show with 5 and 10-minute webisodes and comics and has applied the blockchain and NFTs to fund the project and reward holders in a unique way. 

The card “packs” are a fun method of distribution that reminds me of opening sports card packs. 

PS —  original holders of the GenX NFT will get a personal IMDb credit for GenZeroes, how cool is that!?

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