How To Find the new Meme Coins that will Explode with Moralis Money? Get the next $PEPE before it goes mainstream!

May 20, 2023 - 13 min read

Boost your meme coin investments with Moralis Money. Explore, track, and evaluate promising tokens like $PEPE for strategic crypto investments.

How To Find the new Meme Coins that will Explode with Moralis Money? Get the next $PEPE before it goes mainstream!

Introduction to finding meme coins that will explode with Moralis Money

Meme coins, like $PEPE, are taking the cryptocurrency world by storm. Known initially for their humor and social media virality, these coins have since evolved into serious investment opportunities, raking in astronomical gains for those savvy enough to spot them early.

However, sifting through the sea of digital assets to find the next meme coin gem is no simple task. This is where Moralis Money comes into play.

As an innovative financial tool, Moralis Money streamlines this process by providing users with the data-driven insights and analysis they need to identify the next $PEPE before it explodes onto the mainstream market.

Embrace the future of cryptocurrency investing with Moralis Money – your compass in the dynamic and rewarding world of meme coins.

What are Meme Coins?

Meme coins are cryptocurrencies that originated as jokes or memes but have since developed significant followings and considerable market values. They've skyrocketed in popularity, emerging as a distinctive sector in the digital asset universe. Meme coins often rely on a community's collective belief for their value, an unconventional approach that, nevertheless, has proven incredibly profitable for early investors. This trend has been exemplified by Dogecoin ($DOGE), Shiba Inu ($SHIB), and most recently, Pepe ($PEPE), all demonstrating that meme coins can generate returns that rival those of major cryptocurrencies.

The rise of $PEPE in particular has ignited the meme coin season of 2023, pushing these digital assets further into the mainstream limelight and attracting a fresh wave of investors and interest. However, with the meme coin market's rapid growth comes a challenge - distinguishing potential winners from mere passing trends.

This is where Moralis Money makes its mark. It provides a user-friendly platform that allows you to track, explore, and evaluate meme coins. By aggregating real-time data and offering in-depth analysis, Moralis Money supports informed decision-making and provides a significant edge in pinpointing the upcoming meme coins that could take off. With Moralis Money, the seemingly unpredictable world of meme coins turns into a landscape filled with lucrative investment opportunities. Leverage the power of Moralis Money to navigate the rapidly expanding meme coin market with precision, clarity, and confidence.

The Importance of Identifying Meme Coins Early

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, timing is everything - especially when it comes to meme coins. An early identification and investment in these tokens can catapult an investor into exponential profits. The stories of Dogecoin millionaires, and more recently, those who struck digital gold with $PEPE, are testaments to the power of early discovery. This, however, requires keen observation, a pulse on the crypto community, and a good dose of luck.

However, rather than leaving it to chance, wouldn't it be better to have a reliable tool that can provide early insights and alerts about potential blockbuster meme coins? This is where Moralis Money shines. It offers advanced analytics and real-time alerts that enable users to identify promising meme coins in their nascent stages.

Moralis Money’s robust platform curates data from multiple sources and provides an invaluable 360-degree view of the meme coin market. This comprehensive approach means you're less likely to miss out on the next $PEPE. The earlier you identify a meme coin’s potential, the higher your chances of reaping substantial returns. With Moralis Money, you get the vital early insights that could turn a speculative investment into a monumental gain.

PEPE Moralis Money Dashboard

Harness the power of Moralis Money and let it guide you towards the early identification and potential profits that meme coins can offer. Remember, in the meme coin world, the early investor gets the profit.

Unveiling Moralis Money

Moralis Money in a Nutshell

Moralis Money is a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform built to empower both novices and seasoned investors in the cryptoverse. It brings a wealth of information, powerful tools, and actionable insights right to your fingertips, giving you an edge in navigating the fast-paced world of meme coins.

Funded by Coinbase Ventures

Backed by Coinbase Ventures, the investment arm of one of the most trusted names in crypto, Moralis Money carries with it a seal of credibility and robustness. Coinbase Ventures' backing underscores the platform’s potential to significantly shape the crypto investment landscape.

Key Features: Token Explorer, Token Shield, Token Alerts

Token Explorer dives deep into token details, providing users with a clear view of the transaction history, holders, and tokenomics of a particular coin. It's a tool designed to aid thorough research before making any investment decision.

Token Explorer

Token Shield serves as your protective gear in the cryptoverse. It scrutinizes a token's liquidity, contract, and transaction history, guarding you against potential scams and fraudulent activities.

Token Alerts is your personal cryptocurrency scout, sending real-time notifications on potential meme coin opportunities right when they start gaining traction.

How Moralis Money Helps Users with Meme Coins

Moralis Money brings a comprehensive approach to meme coin investing. The platform allows users to verify the cultural significance of a meme coin by analyzing social media trends, search engine queries, and community engagement.

Furthermore, it facilitates research into the coin's fundamentals, covering aspects like tokenomics, developer reputation, and project roadmap.

Finally, it helps monitor the performance of meme coins, using tools like real-time price tracking, trading volume analysis, and trend prediction algorithms. In essence, Moralis Money simplifies the otherwise complex process of identifying and investing in the next potential $PEPE.

Comparing the Different Moralis Money Plans

Navigating the meme coin market requires a tool that can keep up with its dynamism. Moralis Money has been designed to meet this need. Here, we break down its three account types, each crafted to suit your unique trading style and needs.

Moralis Money Plans

Free Plan

The Free Plan allows everyone to get a taste of what Moralis Money has to offer. It provides users with access to the Token Explorer and larger timeframe parameters (monthly and quarterly). This plan requires no signups or personal data, perfect for crypto enthusiasts just starting to explore meme coins.

Pro Plan

For traders looking to take their meme coin investment to the next level, the Pro Plan is a must. In addition to the Token Explorer, this plan gives users access to the Token Alerts, Scam Analysis, and the ability to save up to 10 search queries for easy reference. Subscribers also benefit from narrower timeframes, providing real-time, on-chain analytics that allow for rapid response to market events. The Pro Plan truly embodies the phrase "information is power", granting users a significant advantage in the fast-paced crypto market.

Pro pricing is USD $164 per month (at the time of writing this article).

Enterprise Plan

Aimed at professional traders and institutions, the Enterprise Plan offers the full Moralis Money experience. It includes unlimited saved queries and alerts, access to a private Telegram Group, personalized training, institutional research, and on-demand chain integrations and filter creation. Also included is an API, and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensuring top-tier reliability and performance. This plan gives enterprises and serious traders the comprehensive toolset they need to exploit meme coin trends fully.

Enterprise pricing is the equivalent of USD $2,467 per month but billed annually (at the time of writing this article).

No matter your experience level or investment goals, Moralis Money has a plan that fits.

Signup for an account today and start tracking meme coins and other altcoin gems.

Harnessing Moralis Money to Find Meme Coins That Will Explode

Finding the next meme coin superstar is easier than ever with Moralis Money. Its range of features allows users to discover and scrutinize potential meme coins thoroughly. Here's a detailed guide on how to utilize Moralis Money to find the upcoming meme coins that could explode:

1. Access Moralis Money: Start by visiting the Moralis Money website. For casual browsing, no sign-up is required. However, if you're serious about your meme coin hunt, consider subscribing to the Pro or Enterprise Plan for a comprehensive suite of tools.

2. Explore with Token Explorer: Token Explorer is your gateway to the vast crypto universe. Input the name or ticker of a meme coin you've heard about or stumbled upon. Token Explorer will provide a detailed report, including the coin's history, market cap, holders, transactions, and much more.

3. Analyze with Token Shield: Unleash the power of Moralis Money's Scam Analysis tool. This feature helps you evaluate the legitimacy of a meme coin. It flags potential red flags, such as unusually high token ownership concentration, suspicious transaction patterns, or lack of transparency. With this tool, you can separate potential stars from the scams.

4. Set Up Token Alerts: As the crypto market never sleeps, keeping up with trends and changes can be overwhelming. That's where Token Alerts come in. Set alerts for specific criteria related to your potential meme coins. For instance, you might set an alert for a sudden increase in transaction volume or a substantial price change. These alerts can help you make timely investment decisions.

5. Monitor and Research: Constant monitoring and research are crucial in the volatile world of meme coins. Regularly check the performance of the coins on your radar. Monitor their price, transaction volume, and changes in holders. Analyze their cultural significance in social media circles and online communities.

6. Dive into Fundamentals: While the hype plays a significant role in the success of meme coins, never disregard the fundamentals. Understand the vision behind the coin, the team's credibility, and the broader community's sentiment. Moralis Money provides a wealth of data that can assist in such a deep dive.

7. Make Informed Decisions: Finally, the end goal of all these steps is to empower you to make informed investment decisions. Moralis Money offers you the tools and data needed to spot potential meme coin winners before they explode.

Remember, investing in meme coins carries inherent risk due to their highly speculative nature. Always conduct thorough research, utilize all available tools, and invest wisely. With Moralis Money at your disposal, you're well-equipped to ride the meme coin wave!

Strategies for Investing in Meme Coins with Moralis Money

While Moralis Money provides the tools for discovering promising meme coins, you also need effective strategies to ensure a successful investment journey. Let's explore the recent success story of the Generational Wealth Token ($GEN) to understand these strategies better.

Understanding the Generational Wealth Token ($GEN)

Before investing in any meme coin, it's crucial to understand its fundamentals. The Generational Wealth token, for instance, is a meme coin that aims to democratize wealth-building opportunities by breaking the barriers of entry. It leverages the power of the internet, memes, and the cultural symbol of the Chad meme, signifying success. The rapid 1000% price rally of $GEN was mainly due to the backing from its respective community, which underlines the importance of cultural significance in meme coin investments. Moralis Money's platform helps investors assess these cultural and fundamental aspects, which play a critical role in the potential success of a meme coin.

Harnessing Moralis Money's Features for Meme Coin Investments

1. Token Explorer: With Moralis Money, you can leverage the Token Explorer feature, which enables you to find tokens before they explode. You can use pre-made filters or create a custom search query based on unique parameters. For instance, with $GEN, you could use parameters like Coin Age, Experienced Buyers, Liquidity, and Security Score to track its potential.

2. Token Alerts: Moralis Money's Token Alerts feature ensures you never miss out on potential investment opportunities. By setting up email notifications based on the filters you create using Token Explorer, you will be notified whenever a new coin matching your preferences emerges.

3. Token Shield: Scam avoidance is critical when investing in meme coins. Moralis Money’s Token Shield feature allows you to evaluate the security of each coin, helping you steer clear of potential scams.

Diving into Tokenomics

Every promising meme coin has unique tokenomics that drive its growth. For $GEN, the total supply was 420,690,000,000,000 tokens, with 15% earmarked for pre-sale and 72.1% allocated for liquidity. Such information is essential to understand before making an investment decision.

Moralis Money's platform provides investors with comprehensive insights into the tokenomics of each coin, allowing you to make an informed decision. The tool also assists in monitoring market activity, which is key for timing your trades and maximizing your profits.

Becoming an Early Investor

The story of $GEN shows the advantages of becoming an early investor in meme coins. By using Moralis Money, you can track new meme coins as they emerge, assess their potential, and make investment decisions at the right time.

The Moralis Money Pro plan provides an even more enhanced experience, offering real-time alerts, the ability to save custom search queries, and narrower timeframes for all search parameters.

To sum up, Moralis Money equips you with the necessary tools and strategies to find the next explosive meme coin. Through cultural significance evaluation, fundamental research, performance monitoring, and timely investment, you can maximize your returns in the exciting world of meme coins. But always remember, while the returns can be high, investing in meme coins also involves significant risks. Always do your own research and consider your risk tolerance before diving in.


In this rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space, Moralis Money emerges as a potential game-changer, providing the necessary tools and insights to navigate the meme coin market. The platform allows users to uncover hidden gems before they explode in popularity, offering a significant advantage to those seeking to capitalize on the early stages of meme coin growth.

Moralis Money's unique features, such as the Token Explorer, Token Alerts, and Token Shield, allow you to effectively scan, monitor, and assess meme coins based on various parameters. The success story of Generational Wealth Token ($GEN) serves as a perfect example of how these tools can be used to identify and track high-potential investments.

Moreover, the platform's emphasis on the evaluation of cultural significance and tokenomics highlights its commitment to delivering comprehensive insights that are critical to informed investment decisions. With Moralis Money, you're not merely tracking token prices; you're gaining a holistic understanding of each token's potential, backed by data and cultural context.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the meme coin market, Moralis Money can significantly augment your investment strategies. However, it's crucial to remember that investing in meme coins, like all forms of investment, comes with inherent risks. While the platform provides you with powerful tools for discovery and evaluation, your due diligence remains an integral part of the process.

As you venture into the thrilling world of meme coin investments, consider incorporating Moralis Money into your toolkit. It could provide you with the edge you need to spot the next big opportunity in the meme coin market. The journey towards generational wealth might just be a click away.

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