Get to know the new Encrypted Sim Card that will protect your cell phone. We are already in 200 countries

December 8, 2022 - 5 min read

Get to know the new Encrypted Sim Card that will protect your cell phone. We are already in 200 countries - Press Release

Get to know the new Encrypted Sim Card that will protect your cell phone. We are already in 200 countries

We present you the new product that will change the way you communicate

In today's world it is becoming increasingly essential to protect ourselves from the cyber risks to which we are exposed while browsing the Internet, making a call or sending a message. Additionally, as users we tend to look for versatility, coverage and of course, economy. Currently, it is possible to gather all these qualities in a single product. The Encrypted Sim Cards that we want to present to the market today

What is an Encrypted Sim Card?

An Encrypted Sim Card is an ultra-secure chip that works in more than 200 countries around the world in a practical, safe, economical and anonymous way. Thanks to their encryption systems, they also prevent the user from being located, intervened or hacked, protecting the entire mobile device, regardless of the destination in which it is located.

How does an Encrypted Sim Card work?

An encrypted Sim card is an ultra-secure chip that, in addition to having the same functionality of connecting the device to the network, does so in a secure and private way, preventing the information from being manipulated or intercepted by any third party. This type of Sim card has protocols that hide the IMSI code, which makes it practically impossible to locate the user no matter where you are. Also, a very important point is that encrypted Sim cards work practically everywhere in the world, there is no need to buy another card when visiting another country and the best thing is that you only pay for what you consume, this type of card they have no plans or court dates.

In conclusion, encrypted sim cards are the evolution of standard sim cards, they are secure chips created with the latest technology so that all our mobile devices and internet connections are secure, private and anonymous. 

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Differences between an Encrypted Sim Card and a standard Sim Card?

Coverage: A common Sim Card allows you to connect to a single operator, if you travel, it will be quite difficult to communicate effectively, on the other hand, with an Encrypted Sim Card you can travel around the world keeping you always connected, you can call, chat or browse without problems since the Encrypted Sim Cards connect to the best signal of each country.

Calls: When a call is made from a normal Sim Card, a direct link is opened between the Sim card of the caller and the Sim card of the person who responds, this makes it easier for third parties to intercept and obtain the information of the call and who is calling it. makes. 

When a call is made with an Encrypted Sim Card, the signal travels to the secure networks of the service provider, where the signal is protected and never directly connects them to each other making it impossible to detect or intercept it. Additionally, a random number can be generated to make calls and avoid being identified and even alter the sound of the voice.

Contracts and personal data: When the user acquires a standard Sim card, he is forced to sign a contract and provide personal data such as ID, address, and more private information that is most often manipulated by the service provider company. On the other hand, with a private network provider and encrypted Sim card, purchases can be made without contracts or personal data, nor will there be a need to comply with permanence clauses. 

Balance and economy: The balance of an Encrypted Sim Card is for life, this means that once it is purchased and used, there will be no time limit to consume the resources of the plan, contrary to the standard Sim Card, which are renewed at each cut-off date, losing the data that the user has not consumed.

Anonymity or IMSI changes: The Sim Cards come with an IMSI code, which is the international number that gives the card an identity in the digital world, in Conventional Sim Cards, this code is exposed and with it it is possible to locate or track the user, on the other hand, an Encrypted Sim Card, has a system that hides this code so that it cannot be located or geolocated no matter where you are. In addition, you have the option to buy new IMSI codes and switch from one to another to make communications more private.

With the International Encrypted Sim Card, we are protecting people in more than 200 countries

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The Encrypted International Sim Card of the company Encriptados, is a chip that is currently working in more than 200 countries around the world and is compatible with any type of mobile device Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry. It can be purchased simply and quickly with any means of payment, including cryptocurrencies, and without the need to sign a contract or provide any personal information. 

Our intention is to provide the user with peace of mind for his life through secure communications and privacy.

Travel quietly, communicate securely and keep your life private with the Encriptados Sim Card.

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