Gary Vaynerchuk's VeeFriends Series 1.5 Book Games Cheat Sheet and Strategy Ideas

January 9, 2022 - 8 min read

This blog post provides a cheat sheet of useful links to information about Gary Vaynerchuk's VeeFriends Series 1.5 Book Games as well as some advice on initial strategies to consider when the book games go live tomorrow, January 10th, 2022.

Gary Vaynerchuk's VeeFriends Series 1.5 Book Games Cheat Sheet and Strategy Ideas
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Yesterday, I wrote an article that speculated on Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends Book Games and what it might entail. I had a lot of fun writing it and Gary even retweeted it with a little nudge to see if I am right. 

Speculation is fun (and a little scary to publicly do it) so let’s bring you some grounded value with quick links, useful resources, and some thoughts on strategy for book games. 

Many are asking basic questions in the VeeFriends Discord and there’s a very detailed article about the book games posted by the talented VeeFriends team here

I suggest reading it 3 times if you want an advantage. It will put you ahead of other people in terms of understanding and playing the game. 

You’ll also probably want a bookmark with useful links that you can quickly get access to, so here it is :) 

Useful Book Games Links: 

Link to the Supply and Rarity of Book Game Assets

TokenTrove Collection Page

GamePlay Rules Blog 

Book Games Exchange Page (not live yet, this is worth studying up to see what you need to exchange for other NFTs, Sports Cards, etc.)

Book Games Exchange OpenSea Wallet Link

How to Use the Book Games Exchange (VeeFriends Video)

How to Buy, Sell, and Transfer Book Games NFTs on TokenTrove (VeeFriends Video)

How to Buy an NFT on TokenTrove and Immutable X (StartWithNFTs article)

Highlighted Prize Takeaways (this is not comprehensive):

15 NEW characters are being introduced in VeeFriends Series 2. This means you could get to own the original collectible of a new character. As it develops, you have the rookie card! 

Gary V said “A LOT” of book games tokens would need to be burnt to get the new characters who will be featured in Series 2. 

Gary V donated 1,000 of his own VeeCon tickets to the exchange 

Prizes include Sports Cards (like a Lebron James rookie), Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and GOO VeeFriends Series 1 

Gary said he could drop more into the exchange whenever he wants - I'm sure he will surprise and delight us with what else he drops in!

You can burn your book game tokens for assets on the exchange. You also get a 12 and a half-day advantage for minting a VeeFriend Series 2 and you don’t need to burn your book game token in order to mint. It is not guaranteed that you will mint a VF series 2 by holding book games token.

Book Games Strategies:

1. Make Your Own Decisions 

Yes, I know. This isn’t fun advice, but it will serve you well in the long run. Don’t let me, Gary, or anyone else tell you what to do. 

The game is played forever — if you don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose, the pressure will be off and you can observe and improve how well you trade and make decisions. 

You could also study behaviors, save money and come back in 6 months to start practicing (even if you miss VeeFriends Series 2). Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t have money for this day 1. 

Also, if you need to sell for personal reasons. Do it. We all have bills.

2. Don’t Spend Money You Can’t Afford to Lose 

This will make life much easier and goes for anything NFT related. Yes, there’s a huge opportunity and Gary V will overdeliver, but self-awareness is important. 

I’m 32 years old and have been living at home with my parents for the past 4 months even with 1 year of savings in the bank. Why? Because I started a business and have gone full-time and all out on it. And I still only bought 48 books with credit cards points because that’s what I could afford without losing sleep. I wrote 10 articles last month for ONE37pm to earn another $1,000 to add for ETH to buy more book games. 

If you aren’t overextended, you’ll think more clearly (aka longer term) and make better decisions. 

3. If you have money you aren’t afraid of losing, consider being a buyer when Book Games goes live

I wrote about this yesterday but it may even be more accelerated. As book game announcements started to come out, I noticed a lot of people not fully understanding what this project really is. 

I truly think if you read the VeeFriends blog post 3 times, and if you are reading this now, I think you will be ahead of a lot of people: 

Book Games Buy Opportunity

Source: VeeFriends Discord 

There will be sellers who haven’t studied this rarity sheet and may only be focused on getting their money back. People with the short-term money focus will be fixated on that and may sell a rare book token for cheap without realizing it. 

For example, study the frames: 

Book Games Frame Rarity


Gary said over and over that again that he made money on sports cards when he was much younger because he studied and memorized pricing, would go to card shows, and in real-time know what was underpriced. 

We can do all of this with rarity right in front of us! 

It’s clear that the exchange requires burned book games tokens to get an item, but you may need a set of Emerald frames or a Champagne rarity may count more when using the exchange. This is where book games can get really interesting. 

4. Why You Might Want to Hold a Book Token for 11 Years 

Gary said in the Discord that some people may want to burn their tokens immediately, while others will want to hold for 11 years. 


Once the exchange site is live, we’ll know more information about what book tokens need to be burned to get a CryptoPunk, Bored Ape Yacht Club, GOO, etc. These are 6-figure assets. 

If you have 1 rare Book Game Token, you may not have enough for a Bored Ape, but there’s arbitrage for the traders. 

For example, say I own 9 out of the 10 assets required for a Bored Ape and I’ve spent $80,000. The floor price for a Bored Ape Yacht Club asset is 72 ETH (over $200,000). 

If I need your asset to complete the exchange for a Bored Ape, I’d be willing to spend another $80,000 to get it, because I’d still net $40,000 on that trade. I spent $160,000 in book games to burn and exchange them for a $200,000 asset.

It may take someone 10 years to put all the tokens together (or Gary may drop other holy grail exchange assets years from now), and if you have their last one, things could get, well, WILD: 

Book Games Wild

Source: VeeFriends Discord 

Especially since people will be burning assets. You may find yourself holding the last of a paritcular asset in 2 years and a person will need it to complete what they need to burn and exchange for a very valuable NFT.

5. Study Rarity, the Exchange, and the Frames

If you have an hour today, study rarity. There will be people who sell without looking at this. For example, there are only 279 Holo Empathy…Drink It! and Conviction Helps you Grow. 

Then, spend 30 minutes studying frames. There will be people who list book tokens for sale without knowing the rarity of frames. 

Once the exchange is live, study it. What tokens are needed for which assets? Start with the most valuable assets like CryptoPunks, GOOs, and Bored Ape. 

If a Bored Ape is $216,000, there will be arbitrage to get the right tokens as I explained before. If you hold an asset required, or you can acquire one, you have something very valuable that could be worth a lot of money to someone trying to complete the necessary tokens to burn for an exchange. 

Bonus Strategy: Find the 2nd or 3rd rarest book games asset needed for a high-value NFT like World of Women, CryptoPunks etc. and buy as many as you can afford. Maybe you can't afford 5 super rare assets, but could afford 10 mid-rare. This could give you more leverage as people need your asset to complete what they need for a burn exchange.

6. Study the Assets in the Book Games Exchange Wallet 

Spend time today looking at the assets in the book games exchange wallet found here

There are plenty of people who will receive book games NFT as their first NFT. 

You will find arbitrage opportunities if you know the value of some assets in the book exchange. 

For example, World of Women rocketed up to a 4 ETH floor. If you study the exchange and know exactly what tokens you need to burn for it, you may be able to get them for 2 ETH. 

You can burn to exchange, sell your World of Women for 2 ETH profit and do it all over again. 

To me, it’s much easier to arbitrage with known quantities versus minting into a new NFT project hoping it takes off. We generally know what the NFT assets in the Exchange are worth, and those who move fast to collect the book tokens to get it at the right price could do really well. 

Remember, this is not financial advice. Do your own research. You are responsible and accountable for the decisions you make / don't make :)

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