Gary Vaynerchuk Loads Up Book Games NFT Wallet with Notable NFTs as Potential Prizes

January 9, 2022 - 12 min read

This article breaks down Gary V's VeeFriends Series 1.5: Book Games. The Games will start playing Monday, January 10th and will be played forever. We speculate on what the games might entail, what the prizes could be, and our advice on what to do when the games launch.

Gary Vaynerchuk Loads Up Book Games NFT Wallet with Notable NFTs as Potential Prizes


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Update: I just wrote a part 2 to this now that more information about Book Games has been released. If you want a cheat sheet of links and strategy ideas for when Book Games goes live tomorrow, January 10th, you can check out the article here.

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Gary Vaynerchuk doesn’t need much of an introduction in the NFT space, but he may be one of the most underrated creators. His genesis project, VeeFriends, launched back in May and has moved back-up to a double-digit floor price as it currently sits at 13.5 ETH or $40,500. 

That’s right, in order to own a VeeFriend, you’d have to pay a minimum of $40,500. 

However, Gary V is one of the few creators to publicly say that he is going to build this project with all he’s got for the next 40+ years. He has a proven track record of growing businesses and being early to trends through his unique focus of observation. 

He’s taken this foundation to the NFT space and is quietly observing, studying, and innovating. Many of us could have minted a VeeFriend for as little as $2,000 and now maybe feeling regret. 

Book Games is here to change all that. 

It’s described as a VeeFriends Series 1.5 and tokens are being air-dropped (gas-free) to people who purchased 12 copies of his latest book Twelve and a Half

Note: I purchased 48 copies of the book and will receive 4 NFTs from this project. This is not financial advice. You should never spend money on NFTs you can’t afford to lose, and you should never buy what I buy without doing your own research and developing your own conviction. 

While Book Games aren’t traditional in the sense that you’ll be playing some kind of animated game, but Gary has said that holders of the NFT will have decisions to make. 

What Is Gary Vaynerchuk’s Book Games?

Book games will release on Monday, January 10th, 2022, and will be played on a Layer 2 application built on top of Ethereum, Immutable X. NFTs will be traded on TokenTrove, and a recent blog post suggested that book games will also be played on 

The collection is now listed as coming soon on TokenTrove — you can check that out here

Without over-speculation, it’s clear that holders of the NFT can choose to Buy More, Hold, or Trade for a reward (likely through a burn mechanism). 

It’s been rumored to have 125,000 NFTs in the collection (12.5x the size of your typical 10k PFP project). 

According to the VeeFriends Discord group, 15 of the Book Games NFTs will be “INSANE”: 

Gary V Book Games

Source: VeeFriends Discord Group 

So insane, that some lucky holders might get a chance at holding a Version 1 VeeFriend: 

Gary V Book Games Win a VeeFriend

Source: VeeFriends Discord

But you might not want to sell even if you aren’t one of the lucky few in that group of 15 NFTs, the games are played forever: 


Source: VeeFriends Discord 

We aren’t 100% sure what the mechanics of the game will be, but it’s clear that holders will have to make decisions: 

Discord 4

Source: VeeFriends Discord

More details about how the games are played will come out on January 10th and we will update the blog accordingly. 

However, in typical Gary V fashion, he’s likely to hold back surprises and delight. He mentioned in the Discord after this article was published that we don't know several "massive" things:

Book Games Massive

Source: VeeFriends Discord

We aren't sure if we will find all of those things out at first or over time, but my guess is it will happen over time.

In the current state of the market, it’s likely that the games will be undervalued save for the lucky few holding ultra rares, but Gary has emphasized to those considering selling, it may not be worth it. 

Update: To be more clear about this, there is clearly going to be value outside of the 15 ultra rare books games tokens. Gary has said that "frames are important" (more on that below) and he expects a lot of trading. Some won't like the NFTs they get, want to sell and get different ones.

He recently said in the Discord group that some should burn their token the first hours, while others should hold for 11 years, we just don't know much about the why between the two scenarios:

Burning Book Games

Source: VeeFriends Discord

As an example of Gary’s surprise and delight methodology, it was announced last week that VeeFriends Series 1 holders would receive their tickets to VeeCon (a conference only for holders of Series 1) as NFTs. 

He’s committed to making the NFTs special and worth value in the marketplace, which delighted many, many holders.

It's likely we will see continued surprise and delight during Book Games and I think we will see elements of micro-speed (trade to get what you want, get familiar with rarities, understand the value of each NFT type) and macro-patience (the book games are played forever).

What NFTs Did Gary Vaynerchuk Put in the Book Games Exchange Wallet? 

VeeFriends Series 1.5 Book Exchange Wallet


In an effort to bring you immediate value, you can check out the Book Games Exchange wallet by clicking here

It’s pretty clear that you will be able to trade (read: burn) a Book Games for some kind of reward. 

So far, the wallet holds 86 NFTs and includes the following projects (and he’s adding more at the time of this writing): 

Curio Cards

Plasma Bears 

Wolf Games 


Brain Vomit’s Garden

Creature World

Flyfish Club 

Bored Mummy Waking Up

Punks Comic 

World of Women


Flower Girls NFT 

Women and Weapons

Some assets contained in the wallet would easily sell for 1 ETH or more. 

Remember, a token from the book games cost about $240 and there are no gas fees. 

Perhaps holders can burn a token for a chance at one of the NFTs in this wallet (maybe random to make it more fun). Gary V has also said that getting a series V2 friend will be a lot easier if you hold a book token. 

It’s clear that this is a game of accountability and decision-making. Given that Gary is committed to these projects for life, it may be a good idea to observe and stay patient. 

How do I get a Book Games NFT? 

In order to get a Book Games NFT, you have to purchase it on the secondary market. 

My advice is to observe the first few days of hype and buy on secondary once it dies down. I predicted the VeeFriends price drop after the hype of a big announcement that turned into Gary V’s original artwork being auctioned at Christie’s and I believe we will see the same trend here. 

Gary even said it himself in the Discord, most will end up paper handing early in the process before they understand it: 

Discord 5

Source: VeeFriends Discord 

There may be a lot of hype at the beginning, but stay patient and vigilant for the opportunity to buy at a discount. There will likely be some sort of game up front, but Gary has said over and over he admires patience more than anything else (except maybe kindness). 

If you have conviction and excitement for the book games now, it will be a good idea to buy if prices drop after the initial hype. 

I'm taking the time to re-emphasize a point about patience: don't let that be an excuse not to look at the project. Gary has described it as a trade game. We don't know how much information will come out about the project, but buying, selling and/or holding may all be good options. Tomorrow (1/9) we are expected to get more information - study up and plan to show up with micro speed and macro patience.

What Attributes and Rarities Will Gary V’s Book Games NFT Have?

The Book Games collection is not yet live on TokenTrove, but if you navigate to the collection page here, we do get a sneak preview of what the assets will contain. 

The filter on the left-hand side of the page shows a few categories: 




Token Frame 

You can see the filters below: 



There are 14 total attributes listed. The 13 total from the book (remember, Kind Candor is Gary’s half which counts as a whole trait here). 

Note, there is a Special attribute listed as the 14th Attribute: 



The launch of Book Games brings the return of Spectaculars: 



Bubble (I assume this is Bubblegum) 





My speculative guess is that rarity will be a combination of Attribute, Spectacular and Token Frame. 

For example, there may be a Base Kindness and a Special Kindness. Lots of combinations and part of the games is figuring out some of the rarities before the benefits of those rarities are revealed. Note: Gary didn’t say this. It is my speculation that comes from my background in sports cards. 

Book Games also introduces a frame attribute, with 14 possibilities: 



Gary V posted in the Discord and encouraged people to think carefully about the Frame Names:

Frame Names

Source: VeeFriends Discord Group.

The frame names are as follows:

Black, Caviar, Champagne, Clear, Emerald, Fur, Galaxy Gold, Granite, Marble, Neon, Pearl, Rainbow, Silver, and Wood.

After scouring Discord, I haven't seen many ideas about what these could mean. One user suggested collecting a set of each frame might lead to something bigger, and Gary did mention in the Discord that people are likely going to want to buy more Book NFTs to get what they want.

My hope is that this gets you thinking. Gary already mentioned in the Discord that this article is "not all right at all":

It's not right

Source: VeeFriends Discord

Despite this, the point is that there is a lot of creativity and depth to the project and apparently we are going to find out all information tomorrow, January 9th.

An interesting hypothesis about all the possibilities is that some of these tokens will be rarer than a V1 VeeFriends. 

Series 1 VeeFriends has 10,255 assets

Book Games will have (rumored) 125,000. 

While there may be 1 of 1s in both sets, 1 out of 125,000 is rarer than 1 out of 10,255. 

VeeFriends Series 1 is the rookie card but you may have to decide: do you want a Series 1 Core or a 2nd year Rare? 

You’d be surprised — it’s very common in sports card collecting for a rarer 2nd-year card of a prestigious player to be worth more than a base rookie card of that same player. 

Prediction (so it’s documented): there will be multiple Series 1.5 (Book Games) VeeFriend NFTs that outsell common VeeFriend Series 1. 

Keep in mind, a 2012 Lebron James (9 years after his rookie debut) sold for $571,200. It was the first year of a card set and is numbered to just /10 copies (it’s a 2012 Gold Prizm). 

This is very common in sports cards, and I expect it to happen here. Expansion of attributes gives hardcore collectors new assets to chase and I personally look at combinations like a Gold Spectacular and Galaxy frame doing very well in the secondary market. 

Breaking Down the Book Games Logo



The Book Games logo is fascinating — it clearly represents an infinity symbol, meaning the games will last forever. 

There will be more to come on this, and while this section is short, I hope it’s not lost on people. 

There will be 125,000 assets. 

If you are looking for a less expensive NFT entry point, I’m betting that these will dip in price after a week or two if there aren't updates. I could be very wrong here, so don't take this as sitting back. There may be rolling updates, and VeeFriends is on an upswing, just don't overextend yourself financially so that you can make better decisions.

If you have money you can afford to lose and want an NFT with a quality creator, this may just be the project you're looking for. If you have book tokens on the way, it may be a good time to move quickly to trade up to assets that you want.

Update: I don't recommend passively observing the project launch. Gary has left a few hints that micro-speed is also important:


Source: VeeFriends Discord

Gary also mentioned that if it were him on Day 1, he might do a bit of buying, selling, and holding, it just comes down to what people get.

It'll be exciting to learn more tomorrow and even more exciting to see how this plays out.

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