Curio Cards Supply Information Cheat Sheet

August 7, 2021 - 3 min read

What is the supply of each Curio Card? This article helps answer that question with resources and explanation to help you understand the supply of Curio Cards.

Curio Cards Supply Information Cheat Sheet
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Quicklinks: You can use this sheet created by Ezrawithacamera.eth by clicking here to see the total supply issued, total locked copies, and the total supply of cards in inactive wallets.

All the links to data that can help you find your perfect Curio Card! 

Special shout out to the Curio Cards Discord member who helped me put this together. You can join the Curio Cards Discord group here.

Also extra special shout out to Ezrawithacamera.eth who put a lot of work into providing some of these spreadsheets.

Disclaimer: I own cards 1, 8 (x2), and 13 from the Curio Cards set. If you want an introductory overview of what Curio Cards are and what cards are in the set, you can read that here

This is not financial advice. Please don’t spend more than you can afford to lose and please don’t blindly copy me. 

To the many people looking for supply information and data to help them make an informed decision, I’m humbled you are here.

What is The Supply of Curio Cards?

There are 30 total Curio Cards, each with a different supply. 

The total maximum supply of these cards is 27,997 but there are less than that actively on OpenSea for a few reasons: 

Locked Cards: Some cards are locked in a faulty wrapper and while they are on OpenSea (and have been bought and sold) the community has acknowledged that these are not authentic Curio Cards and encourages people not to buy them. 

There is also a spreadsheet created by Ezrawithacamera.eth that listed the total amount locked by the wrapper per card here.

Minting / Newly Wrapped Cards: There has also been a lot of chatter about cards being minted on OpenSea. The explanation for this is that cards are being wrapped to be put up for sale on OpenSea. The cards debuted in 2017 before the erc-721 standard and need a wrapper in order to interact with OpenSea. This does not mean more are being minted. There is a phenomenal explanation here by Daniel’s Got Hits

Inactive Wallets: Some Curio Cards are held in inactive wallets that have shown no activity for 1,000 or more days. You can find that spreadsheet here — please thank Ezrawithacamera.eth in the Discord Group for putting it together. 

Please note, inactive wallets could become active at any time. This is just to help understand active supply. 

How to Determine Active Supply for a Curio Card 

The fastest way to see how many Curio Cards are on Open Sea is to look at the total count on the card’s page: 

For example, there are 187 cards active for Ink on OpenSea despite an active supply of 393 (seen below). 

Ink Supply


The easiest way to view active supply is to head over to this spreadsheet.

Active Supply

Source: Public Google Document Supported by user Ezrawithacamera.eth 

You can make a copy of the Google document and filter by card, active supply, inactive supply, and more.

If you see cards being “minted” do not take that as new cards are being created. This is actually the original pre-erc 721 cards being put in the wrapper, hence now being able to be seen by OpenSea. There was a fixed supply at release, with some cards permanently locked in a faulty wrapper. 

Also, take note that Yellow Card #29 has 170 cards that are time-locked until April 2022. 

Happy collecting!

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