and Fantagio Collaborate to Launch Debut Single "Uptown Boy" By Meta Miu

August 10, 2022 - 3 min read is launching digital pop artist Meta Miu's first music NFT featuring her debut song Uptown Boy on August 11th, 2022. As digital pop artists have become more popular in recent years, this gives fans the chance to purchase parts of or the whole song for a new artist launching her career. South Korean entertainment company Fantagio and are behind the new metaverse pop icon. and Fantagio Collaborate to Launch Debut Single "Uptown Boy" By Meta Miu

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On August 11th, 2022, is releasing five music NFTs that will feature the debut song of metaverse artist Meta Miu

Four of the five NFTs will have portions of the song and one NFT will contain the full song Uptown Boy

Music in the metaverse is evolving, and digital pop stars are a thing

There are already digital pop stars who have millions of TikTok followers, successful YouTube channels, and entertain fans like any human would

While the concept may seem a little strange, most of us grew up watching cartoons or had stuffed animals of our favorite animated or digital characters. 

Metaverse idols have been around for years, and some have even brought in over a hundred million dollars in revenue

You can check out the collection listing page on here.

Let's dive in deeper and find out more about who Meta Miu is and the team supporting her first launch as a metaverse idol.

Who is Behind Meta Miu? 

Fantagio is a South Korean entertainment company that offers talent training and management and also has a record label. 

They’ve partnered up with led by Chief Producer Felix (whose Bored Ape Yacht Club #8169 made an appearance in the teaser music video for the song). is a Web3 ecosystem for entertainment where fans can support their favorite artist and artists can engage with their fans in an entirely different way. 

As part of the NFT drop on, holders of the full Uptown Boy song or all 4 parts of the song will be airdropped a Light Stick NFT that allows access to a subscription of, which allows you to support your favorite artists. 

Who is Meta Miu? 

You can check out Meta Miu’s website here, which describes Miu as “a solo k-pop metaverse idol co-produced by Felix, the legendary Chief Producer of Fellaz and Fantagio, a major entertainment company in South Korea.” 

Miu was born in Seoul, roaming around Gagnam Station and one day decided to “hop on a train in hopes of becoming a star”. 

So, yes, Miu is an invented digital performer with power-house producers backing her and is stewarding the release of the first NFT as she introduces herself to the world. 

It is important to note that the NFTs do not offer commercial rights to Uptown Boy’s music video or music. 

Holders of the NFT can, however, enjoy the music and video in the context of non-commercial purposes only. 

Closing Thoughts

The NFT drop for Meta Miu’s debut single hits on Thursday, August 11th on and is a fascinating project as the era of digital pop stars performing in the metaverse continues to expand. 

There are some interesting dynamics at play here. 

Digital pop stars have proven to be popular with large audiences, so owning the NFT of that artist’s first song confers value as a collectible. 

What’s unique about this scenario is that Meta Miu is a new artist without an established following. 

So if you’re someone who believes in the future of metaverse performers and the team behind Miu, this is a cool chance to own a piece, or the full version, of her first song (just remember, no commercial licensing rights). 

The drop is exciting as it gives fans a chance to support a metaverse idol artist at the launch of her career in the metaverse. 

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