Breaking Down T-Pain's 'Can I Mix You a Drink?' NFT Collection Release on

August 5, 2022 - 3 min read

T-Pain, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and restaurant owner is launching an NFT collection on based on his cocktail book of 50 recipes, Can I Mix You a Drink. This article dives into the collection and the benefits it offers to holders.

Breaking Down T-Pain's 'Can I Mix You a Drink?' NFT Collection Release on

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T-Pain released his first album back in 2005 and his second album, Epiphany, reached number 1 on the US Billboard 200 chart. His third album was released in 2008 and a number of the songs hit and are the songs that usually come to mind when you think of T-Pain — “I’m Sprung”, “I’m ‘n Luv (Wit a Stripper)”, “Buy U a Drank”, “Bartender”, and more. 

T-Pain won 2 grammy awards from 12 nominations and he has sold over 50 million records

Last September, T-Pain released a limited edition 1/1 NFT, which sold for $3,228.50 via auction and the winner received a one-hour, 1-on-1 gaming session with T-Pain via video call. 

In partnership with, T-Pain released a 2nd NFT collection on August 1st called the ‘Can I Mix You a Drink’ NFT collection. 

Why Does T-Pain Want to Mix You a Drink With NFTs? 

“You know, a lot of my music is about drinking.” — T-Pain

T-Pain’s adult drink recipe book was released in 2021 in collaboration with award-winning mixologist Maxwell Britten and author Kathy Iandoli

And T-Pain is right, a lot of his most popular songs are about drinking, but a little-known fact about his life is that his wife is a certified mixologist who makes signature cocktails for podcast guests on T-Pain’s show “Nappy Boy Radio”. 

If that’s not enough, T-Pain’s parents owned a restaurant called Fish-N-D pocket in Florida, and he recently purchased his own restaurant

In a tweet, T-Pain described purchasing the restaurant as “taking the leap on anything I truly love and believe in”. 

So, T-Pain is taking a major part of his childhood, his music, and his significant other and is mixing drinks IRL and in the metaverse. 

What’s clear about his book, his restaurant, his music, and the NFT project is that he has an authentic passion for the hospitality industry. It’s a big part of T-Pain’s identity and he’s put real effort into bringing people value. 

For example, his book consists of 50 drink recipes, and a writer for Slate who tried some of the recipes wrote that “the book takes great care in offering a variety of upscale alcoholic beverages and their detailed methodologies within its jet-black pages.”

Shout out if you’re like me and can’t get ‘Can I Buy You a Drank’ out of your head, it’s a side effect of reading the article :) It’s also a reminder of how popular and recognizable the song is ;) 

Breaking Down the Artwork and Utility for ‘Can I Mix You a Drink’ 

The NFT collection will include “9 unique 3D VFX Animations with recipe card collectibles” with help from French VFX/3D artist TraumAmnesia

The collection will have 8,201 unique NFTs with various editions including Legendary, Limited, and Standard. 

The NFTs launched on will also offer benefits for their holders, including: 

(1) Receiving a digital copy of the drink recipe book Can I Mix You a Drink

(2) Holders can participate in sweepstakes that make them eligible to win “first-class experiences” and a shot at winning a Lamborghini*

*It’s important to note for the sweepstakes: it is only offered to US residents. 

You can check out T-Pain's NFT project on here.

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