Breaking Down Midnite Movie Club: The NFT Project for Movie Fans Who Want to Be More Than Passive Viewers

February 12, 2022 - 9 min read

This article breaks down Midnite Movie Club the NFT project that is going to make movies and involve token holders in every step of the process. Created by actor Matthew Lillard and writer/director Bill Whirity, the project aims to give its community unprecedented access to the process of creating feature-length Hollywood genre films.

Breaking Down Midnite Movie Club: The NFT Project for Movie Fans Who Want to Be More Than Passive Viewers
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Instead of making you dig for links to the appropriate resources for the project, I’ve outlined (and checked) each link:

Project Website: Midnite Movie Club (MMC) Website

Discord Group: Note: this is an extremely welcoming community with NFT educational resources and founders Matthew/Bill are in the group interacting with members every day. 

Twitter Handles: Midnite Movie Club,Bill Whirity,Matthew Lillard

Project Whitepaper: MMC Whitepaper I highly recommend reading this in full but I have summarized it below

YouTube Channel: Midnite Movie Club YouTube Channel This channel has recorded Twitter spaces that the founders have done 

Prey — the short film Bill Whirity Directed and Wrote: This film is less than 5 minutes long but is worth the watch as the first movie that will be made by Midnite Movie Club is one that Bill wrote. This will give you a sense of his style and talent.  

The project will mint in late February or early March (date TBA, I will update the article when it is but I suggest you follow the founders on Twitter and join their Discord group to be the first to know) for around $400 per NFT token. 

Disclosures: I plan to mint at least 1 token from this project because I had the chance to interview the founders, I believe in what they are doing and I am very interested in filmmaking, scriptwriting, and production. Just because I like a project doesn’t mean you have to. This is not financial advice and I recommend you do not spend money you cannot afford to lose on NFTs. 

With that said, if you have any interest in filmmaking, this is an affordable NFT project that will have tremendous utility. 

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What is Midnite Movie Club?

Midnite Movie Club Art


Midnite Movie Club is going to make genre movies (Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy) and involve its NFT holders every step of the way. The project was created by Hollywood veterans Matthew Lillard (Scream, Thirteen Ghosts, She’s All That, Scooby-Doo, etc.) and Bill Whirity (Prey, Below, Semblance). 

The focus of the project will be more on the utility than the art and plans to offer its NFT holders “unprecedented” access to the filmmaking process, which will get into later in this article. 

The Gen1 project supply will be 5,555 NFTs and will mint at the end of February for around $400 per token. 

The team worked with Lat3ncy Labs to develop the smart contract and ensure a positive experience during launch. The team is also offering a whitelist, so I highly recommend you jump in the Discord Group if you are interested in getting a spot. 

The art featured in Midnite Movie Club was created by its co-founder Bill and was inspired by the 1950s “Let’s all go to the lobby” intermission bumper, which you can watch here

The art also includes references to some of their favorite movies and will feature generative tokens, legendary tokens, special hand-drawn unique tokens, and celebrity autograph tokens (supply TBA). 

Breaking Down the Midnite Movie Club Roadmap, Whitepaper, and Utility 

Midnite Movie Club plans to offer a tremendous amount of utility to its holders. When I spoke with Matthew Lillard and Bill Whirity, they told me that their goal is to make movies and to inspire the next generation of filmmakers. 

If you are interested in any aspect of filmmaking — writing, graphic design, sound, production, marketing, etc. there is a utility for you regardless of your location, so please read on :) 

Once the project mint is complete, there are plans to form a Community DAO and donate $25k to a charity that’s decided by MMC members. 

The next phase is a greenlight movie and starts shooting in 2022 with a surprise for all holders of the MMC NFT. As the movie starts production, the team will have weekly AMAs (ask me anything) to update the community on the progress of the film and will start DAO votes that give the community the chance to vote and contribute to the movie itself. 

Midnite Movie Club is launching a Nite School that will initially include the production team from the first movie and will expand to other industry professionals. 

The community will be able to provide feedback on which careers and people they would like to hear from in fireside chats. 

The Nite School will also include resources like sample budgets, schedules, scriptwriting, etc. for those who want to hone their filmmaking craft. 

If you have interest in any aspect of filmmaking, I highly suggest you read their whitepaper here but I am going to summarize all of their plans to bring holders value below: 

Community Participation: 

  • The ability to shadow Directors, Producers, Set Production Assistants, etc. on-set 

  • The chance to be a background extra in the movie 

  • Remote opportunities — graphic design for the art department, contributing a soundtrack, and much more. E.g. there might be a scene that requires a logo on a T-shirt, a poster, etc. and the community will have a chance to submit their work to be voted on and included in the movie 

  • Names featured in the credits — if the community votes on it, holders names can be featured in the end credits of the movies they make with Midnite Movie Club 

What I personally liked most about this project is that the community will have a chance to contribute to a feature-length genre film regardless of their location. If you are a writer, graphic designer, musician, actor, aspiring director, producer, etc. you can participate (all to be voted on by the community). 

NFTs have yet to be fully tapped and my perspective of the benefit that will catch the most attention and bring the most value for people is that they can taste filmmaking from afar and a low-cost entry point. 

Historically, it has been difficult (and expensive) to break into film, but this project will help break down those barriers, which I think will set a new direction of possibilities for NFTs. 

Exclusive Content: 

  • Concept Art and Storyboard Sneak Peeks

  • Audition Tapes 

  • AMAs with the cast of the movie 

  • Set photos and videos 

  • Live tours of the sets 

  • Updates from the editing room 

Special Features: 

  • Commentary tracks 

  • Deleted Scenes 

  • Featurettes

Additional Perks: 

  • Signed movie scripts 

  • Movie posters 

  • Screen used props 

  • Movie crew swag 

  • Tickets to the premiers 

Member Feedback Lounge: 

Matthew and Bill aim to create a community that helps and inspires each other. There will be holder-only channels for members to share scripts, short films, trailers, or work in progress to get input from other filmmakers. 

Online Community Events: 

  • Planned events to showcase the talent of community members including mini film festivals, table reads of member scripts with Hollywood actors, and community members reading the roles 

  • Regular team AMA sessions to continually improve the community 

Nite School: 

  • Lesson Plans — tutorial videos that include writing and the technical aspect of making movies 

  • Fireside chat with filmmakers, actors, and other industry professionals

  • How to make pitch decks and general etiquette for pitching your projects to professionals 

  • Lab work — covering the practical side of filmmaking like obtaining permits, scheduling shoots, learning about tax incentives, budget templates, etc. 

Gear Giveaways: 

  • Starter filmmaking packages will be given away and include the basics like camera, sound gear, lighting, etc. 

Not only will the community be able to participate in making a movie, but they will also be able to see behind the scenes, learn from industry professionals, have a community to provide feedback, and have an avenue to share and showcase their work. 

Midnite Movie Club aims to make 2–3 movies with their community and the first project is a script that was previously greenlit but was delayed due to COVID. 

The project will start off strong with a Hollywood-approved script written by Bill Whirity. He walked away from his previous deal (due to COVID and investor terms changing) and is now putting it on the line with this new project. 

Are Matthew Lillard and Bill Whirity Legit NFT Project Founders?

I’ve personally interviewed Matthew and Bill, and the short answer is: yes, absolutely. 

They have been spending time with the NFT community through Twitter spaces, daily interactions in Discord, and hosting events like movie and trivia nites. 

During my interview with them, you could hear their passion for bringing people value and inspiring the next generation of filmmakers.

They both said that they want to give people the tools and resources that they never had when starting their careers and want to focus on continually bringing value to their community. 

Matthew and Bill are both genuine, honest, and transparent. They have the industry and operational experience to make this project work. 

I’ve written a lot about how important it is to find good project founders that are in it for the long-term and have something to lose if things don’t go well. Matthew is a Hollywood actor and Bill is an up-and-coming Director / Writer. 

After speaking with many project founders, these two are the real deal and they are putting in the work. They’re humble, kind and are putting all their energy into the execution of this project. 

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