Breaking Down JeremyKnows — A Service-Based NFT Project

December 23, 2022 - 6 min read

This article breaks down the JeremyKnows NFT project from fast-riser Jeremy Jannielli who emerged during the boom of digital collectibles in 2021 through consistent and dedicated content creation focused on bringing value to his audience.

Breaking Down JeremyKnows — A Service-Based NFT Project


Jeremy Jannielli has been a fast riser in the NFT space through prolific content creation. I first came across Jeremy in May 2021, during the weeks leading up to the launch of Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends NFT project

At that time, Jeremy didn’t have a big following but I noticed he was creating content every single day

While his audience was small to start, he’s stuck with it for the past 18 months and has become a pillar of the VeeFriends community, amassing over 25,000 Twitter followers, and is a widely-known valuable resource in the larger NFT space. 

Jeremy also hosted Gary Vaynerchuk on his podcast, and more recently, Gary joined one of his Twitter spaces (that are held daily): 

JeremyKnows Twitter Spaces

Source: Twitter

Because of his rapid growth and dedication, I wrote a profile piece about Jeremy on ONE37pm. 

I’ve not only had the pleasure of seeing Jeremy’s growth first-hand and writing about his story, but I’ve also actually purchased 2 NFTs from his project, which I’m going to focus on in this article. 

As always, please don’t spend money you cannot afford to lose. This is not financial advice and should not be construed as such. 

With that, let’s dive in! 

Quick Links: 

JeremyKnows Notion File (details about utility and the project)

JeremyKnows OpenSea Project Page

Jeremy Janielli’s Twitter

JeremyKnows NFT Mint Page (still minting for 0.13 ETH / $150)

What Is The Utility Of The JeremyKnows NFT Project? 

JeremyKnows Group Photo with Gary V

Jeremy set out to create a service-based NFT (based on his experience and the value he has brought communities for the past 18 months) with a mission of helping you save time by keeping up with web3. 

Let’s break it down: 

  • Text Message alerts — a token gets you 1-year access to text alerts curated by Jeremy himself 

  • The alerts will contain actionable news and updates about web3, as well as updates regarding the VeeFriends ecosystem 

  • Improve Web3 literacy and education — Jeremy launched his own NFT project and has consulted on many others, and is a trusted resource who has hands-on experience if you are looking to level up your understanding of web3 

  • Burn service that lets you burn a JeremyKnows token for 30 minutes of his time (I did this and will write about my experience in the next section) 

  • Genesis Art Pass — JeremyKnows will offer more access to the community and resources as well as allow lists, free claims, and airdrops 

  • Partnerships — JeremyKnows is building on the service model by introducing partners with specific skills who will offer 30 minutes of their time if you burn your token 

You can read about the full utility on Notion here but the three core elements are web3 alerts, booking time with Jeremy and his partners in exchange for a burned token, and future access to allow lists, free claims, and airdrops. 

Documenting My Experience with Jeremy After Burning a JeremyKnows Token 

Burning a JeremyKnows NFT gets you 30 minutes with the project founder. 

Because I had an upcoming 5-minute FaceTime with Gary Vaynerchuk (Jeremy actually helped broker the deal for me to purchase a slot from the NFT access token holder) my first step was to purchase a JK token, burn it and get time with Jeremy to prepare. 

Then very quickly, I realized I needed to refocus this meeting to get Jeremy’s help in preparation to sell my NFT blog. 

We dove right into it: 

I’ve been working too many hours on building a software business and writing about NFTs, but I could not keep up. 

My website has been profitable for the last 8 months, and while it’s a great side hustle, I needed two things: 

(1) Perspectives on outreach to sponsors to help set up for the next buyer 

(2) Networking to see if anybody wanted to buy the site privately before I listed it 

This was quite an ask given a 30-minute time frame, but Jeremy delivered: 

  • He gave me actionable advice and recommendations of who to reach out to that ended up generating additional revenue for my site 

  • He actually found an interested buyer and had the conversation for me — we were off on price point and it didn’t go through, but it was impressive that the turnaround was less than 48 hours. 

I had such a positive experience in my first session with Jeremy that I purchased a second one with him to help me prepare for being a guest on Gary V’s podcast (that was the outcome of the original 5-minute FaceTime slot that Jeremy helped broker). 

Jeremy’s built an incredible network over the past year and a half and burning a token provided me immediate access to that network and his experience. 

He recently told me that he plans to bring in other experts that would provide more variety for holders and burn to get time with. 

This is a smart way to leverage blockchain technology and brings immediate value to holders who choose to burn their tokens. 

Keeping Up With Web3 — Why Alerts Are So Important 

Elon Musk has been Tweeting up a storm about how news coverage, especially in crypto, has been faster and more accurate than traditional media. 

While I am sure we can all agree that he’s biased because he owns the business, he isn’t wrong. 

Twitter is the pulse of web3 but it can be overwhelming to keep up with it. 

Discord is another great tool of web3, but like Twitter, it’s hard to switch between communities and track all of the announcements that might affect the NFTs you hold. 

Jeremy’s intent is to remedy the latter aspect specifically for VeeFriends holders, but he’s created a list on Twitter of all his holders (to interact with and respond quickly) and is deeply in the NFT space, putting him in a position to alert his holders of relevant web3 information. 

It’s fun to watch Jeremy break news and provide informed predictions about VeeFriends but the text alerts give his holders an inside track to the information. 

Closing Thoughts

What I like about the JeremyKnows NFT project is that it is being built by an authentic, public founder who has been through it and grown with the NFT space. 

It’s a very practical application of what Jeremy can offer to holders through an offering that he’s honed in on through actual experience and execution. 

I’ve seen the burn experience first-hand and benefitted enough from it that it didn’t take me long to book a second session, and I imagine there will be more in the future.

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James KIllick

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