Breaking Down DraftKings Reignmakers Strategy for Week 8 and Beyond

October 25, 2022 - 5 min read

This article breaks down week 8 and beyond strategies for DraftKings reignmakers.

Breaking Down DraftKings Reignmakers Strategy for Week 8 and Beyond

I blinked and now we are suddenly entering week 8 of the NFL season, almost to its halfway point!

While theVeeFriends x Reignmakers competition is officially over, it is pretty apparent that Gary V helped attract new daily fantasy sports players from his community.

And some of those new community members have done really well with the NFT-version of Daily Fantasy sports:

One Hundred Thousand Dollar DraftKings Reignmaker Winner

Source: Twitter

$100,000 for a “small fry” DFS player is a big deal.

And this user, who mentions NFTs in his profile, won $10,000:

Ten Thousand Dollar Reignmaker Winner

Source: Twitter

I’ve played both traditional Daily Fantasy sports and Reignmakers and have learned through experience that Reignmakers is not yet as robust and filled with professional/experienced players as DFS.

Before we dive into DraftKings Reignmaker's strategy for Week 8 and beyond, let's do a quick recap of how it is different from Daily Fantasy Sports.

Recapping DraftKings Reignmakers

DraftKings Reignmakers lets users purchase player cards to use in line-ups for weekly fantasy competitions that are free to enter:

Reignmakers Player Card Example 1

Source: DraftKings

Because those player cards live on the blockchain, you can also buy and sell player cards at will.

You can view the blockchain transaction records for player cards here.

For example, if you had bought a Geno Smith player card at the beginning of the season to use in your line-ups, you could now sell those cards that he’s having a great season and prices have increased:

Geno Smith Player Card Example

Source: DraftKings Reignmakers

But on the flip side, if you purchased Mac Jones player cards at the beginning of the season, who was benched Monday night in favor of Bailey Zappe, you might be unhappy that his card values went down:

Mac Jones Player Card Example

Source: DraftKings Reignmakers

There are different tiers of player cards and competitions — Core, Rare, Elite, Legendary, and Reignmaker.

Each level has different price points and corresponding prizes:

Draftkings Reignmakers Contest Lobby

Source: DraftKings

Even the Core competitions, which don’t require a lot of up-front costs to purchase the player cards, feature six-figure prizes.

Daily Fantasy has rapidly grown in popularity and Reignmakers has attracted new people who are familiar with NFTs.

If you are intrigued by Daily Fantasy and want an even more detailed breakdown of DraftKings, its features, welcome offers, promo codes, how to sign up, pros and cons of the platform, etc. then make sure to check out DraftKings Massachusetts, which has all of this info and more.

A lot of people entered daily fantasy through NFTs because of Reignmakers and I expect next year even more people will discover this style of Daily Fantasy competition.

With that, let’s talk about week 8 strategies and beyond.

Strategy Entering Week 8 of Reignmakers — Is It Time to Start Selling Player Cards?

In a previous article, I broke down how to use betting odds to craft your line-up strategies.

To re-cap that:

Use over/under to find games with high-scoring potential

Use point spreads to calculate the project number of points a team is going to score

Tell a story about the data and have it inform your line-up — e.g. “The Eagles are 10.5-point favorites against the Steelers week 8, if they get an early lead they may turn to the run game and that might mean a big week for Miles Sanders.”

This is still a really useful strategy, and I’ve found through experience that simply entering line-ups each week has won me money in almost every competition ($5 — $10, but it still counts!).

Halfway through the season, I am still noticing that competitions are filled at much lower volume than traditional Daily Fantasy Sports.

I originally thought a good strategy moving forward from week 8 and beyond would be to start to sell some player cards for a profit (most players who have performed well have gone up in value) but my strategy is to enter all the competitions I can afford with my current player cards.

Please note, this is not financial advice and should not be construed as such. It is also not meant to be construed as a way to entice you to gamble. Because DFS and Reignmakers is gambling, don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose!

There might even be a play to scoop up cheap player cards to take some bets.

For example, Mac Jones Core cards have plummeted to as low as $4 for a core card, when most other starting Quarterbacks are in the $20 — $25 range.

There is serious Quarterback controversy in New England and Bailey Zappe might be the starter going forward, but we’re still only mid-way through the season.

With 9 weeks left, anything could happen and if you even remotely believe in a chance Mac Jones returns as a starter and redeems himself, you might earn more money buying his player card now and selling it for more money at that time.

Bye weeks are also coming up, which might mean a chance to buy some player cards at lower prices from owners who are scrambling to fill line-ups.

And this is something I really enjoy about Reignmakers vs. traditional DFS.

Each week with DFS I pay to enter competitions but I have to select new line-ups each week after that.

With Reignmakers, I can both play in competitions with my player cards and buy/sell to make a profit on the side.

I originally bought 10 Trey Lance player cards at really low price points but did not sell before he got hurt (ouch!). But I can use the cards next year in Reignmakers line-ups.

There’s still plenty of season left and my strategy for week 8 and beyond of Reignmakers is to play in as many competitions as I can afford with my player cards (competitions are free but you do need a complete line-up) and consider buy/sell arbitrage based on player performance and demand.

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