Breaking Down 0n1 Force NFT - The Project Taking the Market by Storm With Community

August 24, 2021 - 6 min read

Breaking down 0n1 Force NFT - the new avatar project that rose to over 3 ETH floor in a week with a strong community and engaged founding team.

Breaking Down 0n1 Force NFT - The Project Taking the Market by Storm With Community
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In the past 24 hours (as of August 22nd, 11:25 pm EST), a new avatar project, 0N1 Force, has taken the NFT market by storm as it sits with the highest 24-hour sales volume of all active projects on Opensea with 8,608.77 in ETH sales: 

0n1 Force Top NFTs

Source: OpenSea 

That’s over $27.5 million of sales volume in 24 hours. 

The current floor price is 3.3 ETH ($10,980) just 1 week after these assets could be minted for .07 ETH ($226). 

I’m going to break down what this project is, the art, the details, and the driving factor of its accelerated growth over the past few days. 

You can shop for 0n1 Force Assets here

You can join their Discord group here

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I do not own any assets in this project. I’m out of ETH and am strict with my budget. This project can teach us a lot about picking the “winners”, but remember, just because I like a project doesn’t mean you buy it without researching first. PS — winners happen over the long run, not the short run, keep that in mind. 

Let’s dive in :) 

What is the 0n1 Force NFT Project? 

Per the website’s description, 0n1 Force is a collection of “7,777 generative side-profile characters with over 100 hand-drawn features fighting for their existence. Strength, Spirit, and Style are what you’ll need to survive in the Ethereal Enclave.” 

**Each asset from the project was available to mint at a price of .07 ETH ($226). The current floor price is 3.3 ETH ($10,980). That’s a 4,718% increase in value. 

The avatars from the project are broken down into different clans and traits with varying degrees of rarity. 

The traits include a mix of different backgrounds, bodies, domains, extras (like earrings and auras), eyes, face, hair, head, helmet, type, wear, spirit, strength, and style. 

Here’s a good snapshot of the art with the top 10 assets as ranked by 

Top 10 Rarity Tools


There are three clans, broken down by levels of rarity and each one has common and uncommon traits associated with them: 

Ghost Spirit — 5,278 (685) 

Ghost Spirit


Monster Form — 2,100 (27%) 

Monster Form


The Demon — 392 (5%) 

The Demon


This art is hand-drawn and visually intricate. With so many new projects launching, it’s important to look at the art, and the 0n1 Force team has knocked it out of the park. 

The President of Time Magainze, Keith A. Grossman, seems to agree: 

Time Magazine Prez

Source: Twitter

In addition to the art, the project put out an initial roadmap that includes: 

  • Merchandise incorporating the art of the project

  • 0N1 Metaverse — these characters are part of a story with different allies, traits, and strengths 

  • Comic Book development 

There are also other hints in their discord group about more value going back into the community. 

The Team: 

IMCMPLX — Artist and Creator of 0n1 Force

JR — Project Manager, Marketing 

Em — Community Relations, Discord Manager 

Strawberry — Front-end Design 

CryptoSpaces — Tech Development 

We’ll get into this more in the next section, but the team is highly respected by their community. It’s apparent that they listened to feedback and learned from being a part of other communities to ensure this project meets the needs of those who have chosen to invest in their creation: 

Represented Traits

Source: Twitter

Community may be an oversold term in the NFT space, but the 0n1 Force team has continually demonstrated the inclusion of feedback and ideas from members and onlookers. For many who responded and saw their voices and opinions heard, it now gives them skin in the game to support a project that they helped to shape. 

A Project Built from the Inside Out 

Jeff Nicholas Tweet

Source: Twitter

What struck me while following this project from launch to its current popularity is the strength and breadth of this community. As I’ve said, community is oversold in the NFT space. I’ve seen communities boom and plummet within 24 hours after a price drop. I’ve seen message after message about pricing and going to the moon with no substance about what the project means and how it would look in the future. 

In order for a project to succeed in the long-term and achieve status, it needs a collector base that’s passionate and willing to stick around for the long-term, even during the tough times of a pullback. 

It’s become apparent that 0n1 Force members know the founding team and are supporting the people behind the project: 

Tweet about quitting job

Source: Twitter

It’s not just that, but the community and following are large. There are 7,777 assets in On1 Force and their Twitter account is at nearly 23,000 followers: 

0n1 Force Twitter

Source: Twitter

They’ve also made an effort to incorporate their global members by creating separate channels in their Discord group: 

Discord Screenshot

Source: 0n1 Force Discord Group 

This is important because NFTs can quickly reach a global audience, and the art and narrative of this project have the potential to appeal to a diverse group of people:

Tweet about Asia

Source: Twitter 

0n1 Force Asian Market

Source: 0n1 Force Discord

In the past hour alone as I've been writing this, there have been 447+ new messages in the Discord group. This could be due to the project mooning (growing in value), but I saw similar activity leading up to the drop and believe this type of engagement will continue.

Some Big Names Are Paying Attention to 0n1 Force

It’s always exciting when whales, influencers, or otherwise prominent figures buy into a project that you are a part of. This doesn’t guarantee a project’s success, but it helps to create awareness for a project.

That’s why a community can be so valuable because if they are active and bought in, people notice (there have been 1,350 tweets mentioning 0n1 Force in the last hour at the time of this writing):

Faze Banks

Source: Twitter

Faze Tweet

Source: 0n1 Force Discord

Logan Paul

Source: Twitter

0n1 Force

Source: Twitter

Gary Vee even popped into the Discord: 

Gary Vee

Source: Twitter 

His advice to the community? Think long-term. 

This project launched amidst a downturn in the avatar /profile picture projects and has risen to a floor of over 3 ETH in a matter of a week. With so many new projects launching, it will take a lot to stand out and gain traction, and in the case of 0n1 Force, the community is leading the way.

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