APENFT to Power NFTs on Poloniex Through New Partnership

May 27, 2022 - 4 min read

APENFT and Poloniex partner to expand NFT and metaverse capabilities while reducing barriers to entry for crypto and NFT enthusiasts.

APENFT to Power NFTs on Poloniex Through New Partnership

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For those who aren’t familiar, Poloniex is a global cryptocurrency exchange and has just added an NFT marketplace to its capabilities through a partnership with APENFT

The marketplace went live on Poloniex on May 25th both on the website and the mobile application opening up a new trading marketplace for NFT enthusiasts. 

There are benefits of trading on the new marketplace, including the possibility of getting “exclusive rights” on Poloniex through Genesis NFTs and TRON ecosystem NFTs that include BAYCTron, MAYCTron, and TronMeebits. 

Ultimately, the goal of this partnership is to reduce the costs of transacting and attract a wider audience of crypto and NFT enthusiasts while exploring the potential application of NFTs and the metaverse.

Reducing Barriers to Offer NFT Access to Everyone

A central theme of this partnership is to reduce barriers to NFT trading and grow an audience for anyone who has an interest in non-fungibles. 

The APENFT marketplace leverages TRON network’s technology for a safe, secure and decentralized trading platform. 

In order to help make NFTs more accessible, APENFT will offer zero initial transaction fees and minimized gas fees to incentivize NFT artists and developers to use its platform. 

The excitement over NFTs and the ability of artists and fans to trade and create a new genre of collectors has been hindered by higher-cost platforms that discourage some, but this partnership aims to attract creators and build a more inclusive metaverse:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with APENFT to directly contribute to the building of the NFT space and Metaverse,” said Shaun Scovil, General Manager of Poloniex. “This partnership leverages our shared potential to increase the reach of NFTs and further develop the industry. NFTs, in particular, are exciting because they have such a wide range of potential applications.”

Celebrating the Partnership with Giveaways and Special Offerings

Poloniex has been around for nearly a decade and is laser-focused on offering a top-notch experience for its users. 

To grow the NFT industry from a macro perspective, platforms that reduce costs and remove barriers to entry are critical to achieving that goal. 

Poloniex has also tried to give back to help raise awareness of the partnership and help get people more familiar with the offering. They've done things like offer Justin Sun’s limited edition NFT covers designed by Valuart x Vanity Fair, available at a price of 999 TRX each. APENFT will then have a 200,000 TRX prize pool for the NFTs, and Poloniex will airdrop $25 futures trail funds to users who acquire them.

About Poloniex

Poloniex was founded in January 2014 as a global cryptocurrency trading platform. With its world-class service and security, it received funding in 2019 from renowned investors, including H.E. Justin Sun, Founder of TRON.

Poloniex supports spot and margin trading as well as leveraged tokens. Its services are available to users in nearly 100 countries and regions with various languages available, including English, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

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Officially registered in Singapore on March 29, 2021, APENFT is backed by the underlying technology of the TRON blockchain, with additional support from the world's largest distributed storage system BitTorrent File System (BTFS). At the core of our mission, APENFT aims to facilitate the creator economy while catalyzing both financial and cultural inclusion in the metaverse. Our vision is to integrate both the virtual and the real worlds seamlessly. APENFT Foundation is the world's first NFT art foundation that realizes crossover purchases. We aim to bridge conversations between stakeholders in the traditional art world and the digital art community emerging around NFTs, promote inclusiveness and diversity, broaden our multimedia audience, and increase all members’ engagement. In the future, our collection will be made available to the entire community through a series of curated online exhibitions in the metaverse.

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